Samurai Jack

Adult Swim has released a BTS production video for the upcoming season 5 of Samurai Jack.

samurai jack season 5 adult swim

Series creator Genndy Tatakovsky and Samurai Jack voice actor Phil Lamarr give us some behind the scenes insight into what’s happening with Adult Swim’s season 5. This new show takes place years after the original, and that’s changed Jack. The first Samurai Jack season 5 artwork released online shows Jack with a thick beard, covered in blood and looking angrier-than-usual.

“When we start, we’re definitely a few years later [than the season 4 finale]. You don’t have to watch episode 52 to start this season. So, what’s changed in Jack’s world is a lot. There’s a lot of drama that’s happened.”

The series follows Jack, a young prince of feudal Japan who adopts his name after a demon named Aku sends him to the dystopian future, just as Jack is about to seal his fate. In the future, ruled by Aku, Jack seeks to find a portal to his time but is constantly thwarted by the demon’s forces. The series was left open-ended for its last episode in 2004.

Adult Swim is bringing new Samurai Jack episodes to Toonami in 2016.

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