Watch: Save The Nightmare World In Nightmare Boy

The Vanir Project and BadLand Games have teamed up to bring their psychedelic platformer Nightmare Boy to Steam, PlayStation4 and XBox One.

Watch: Save The Nightmare World In Nightmare Boy
Nightmare Boy is a Metroidvania platformer reminiscent of the classic 16 and 32-bit games. As the titular Nightmare Boy players have to save the Nightmare Kingdom from its self-proclaimed king as they battle all kinds of monsters. Along the way, they will encounter weird and wonderful allies whose reactions to you could have lasting consequences. Here are some of the game’s key features.

Sharp Controls: Players have absolute control with double and triple
jumps, wall-grabbing, multiple forms, spells, and much more!

World Map: Far corners of the world are revealed as players venture further and further into the nightmare.

Hidden Collectibles: Helpful in uncovering a number of possible endings.

Precious Stones: Necessary to save the game (as a tribute) or to be able to afford items in the store.

Player Choice: Very different outcomes available, whether players interact with characters — or not!

The game calls for fast reflexes and quick thinking as any small mistake can cost you your life.

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