Power Rangers MOvie Trailer

The trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers film has been released by Lionsgate. This is a compulsory must see for every 90’s kid who has had a dangerous obsession with the multicoloured rangers, back this time with super glossy megazords and futuristic appeal.

Watching the trailer will be an exercise in self-restraint as the kids of Angel Grove High School return to fulfill our childhood dreams by becoming something extraordinary when chosen by their mentor Zordon (played by Brain Cranston). Their little town of Angel Grove and much of the world are in the line of fire when alien villain Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks) leads an alien threat to destroy the earth. The team has to come together and overcome their personal differences to save the world once again.

The film, also known as Saban’s Power Rangers has been billed as a reboot of the Power Rangers film franchise but will not take away the childhood classic Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). The new film will feature the same high school characters as the classic but with new and relatively unknown young actors.

Be sure to check (your heart rate) and the new designs of the megazords, concept art and posters of the movie at http://www.powerrangers.movie/

The Saban’s Power Rangers comes out in cinemas on March 24 2017






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