PlayStation Store

Sony has released a new promotional video for the PlayStation Store featuring a magical merchant, and it’s actually quite good.

PlayStation Store
The 30 minute PlayStation Store promotional video shows what can only be described as a magical store clerk  welcoming you to his store. What does he sell in this store? Well, according to him, he sells “glorious pandemonium, instant immortality, mastery of over time and space, and the occasional nightmare” and even “life and death itself”. After a few close ups of some of the items he sells the store clerk asks  “The real question is: what are you looking for?” after which it switches to a gameplay montage of various upcoming titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s a really neat way in which to promote the store and almost makes me wish there was a longer version of the short.

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