No Man's Sky

With the release of No Man’s Sky just around the corner developer, Hello Games have released a new video showing us all the things that can cause your quick demise in the game.

No Man's
It seems space might be a bit more dangerous and unfriendly than we first anticipated, as the new No Man’s Sky trailer clearly shows. Among the things that might cause your death seems to be the elements, such as cold, radiation and lack of oxygen as well as the wildlife itself seeing as vicious creatures seem to roam both the sea and land. Not only do players need to watch out for these dangers, but each planet also has sentinels to contend with. These guardian robots can quickly turn against you should you start doing stuff that they don’t approve of. It seems that surviving in No Man’s Sky will be a lot more difficult than we would have guessed.

No Man’s Sky releases on PlayStation 4 in August 2016.

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