No Man's Sky - Honest Trailer

Watch: No Man’s Sky – Honest Game Trailer

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Smosh Games has released their latest honest game trailer, this time for the much anticipated, much criticised, No Man’s Sky. After continued delays to the game’s release, fans started to grow angry with the likes of Sean Murray, over his misrepresentations of the game during its marketing, and Hello Games, for what many claim to be a lackluster end result. With hype having reached fever pitch after an E3 demo, No Man’s sky promised so much. And while it isn’t a complete write-off as yet, a patch or two away from something a whole lot better, it has produced some rather angry tirades from fans, and that without getting into the game’s bugs.

“Imagine a game on a scale like you’ve never seen before, in a universe so vast you’ll never get to explore it all. Not because its too big – but because you’ll be too bored to even bother. Its NO MAN”S SKY!”

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