No Man's Sky

With the release of No Man’s Sky just around the corner developer, Hello Games have released a new video showing us some of the game’s combat.

No Man's SKy Combat

If you love shooting things and thought that No Man’s Sky might not be your type of game (who wants to go exploring when you can shoot stuff), there is some good news as it seems that the game might have its fair share of action as you explore the vast universe in No Man’s Sky. Although the chances are apparently quite slim that you will encounter another human being in No Man’s Sky due to the game’s size, players will still need to be able to protect themselves from alien threats.  Even traders need to be able to take on the dangers the universe throws at them such as space pirate scum and even a planet’s wildlife.

The trailer shows us some of the game’s space based and ground combat and has gotten us even more excited to explore the universe.

Videos focusing on the last two core pillars of the game (trading and survival) will be released in the next few weeks, according to Sony.

No Man’s Sky releases on PlayStation 4 in August 2016.

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