Nintendo has at last revealed its latest console, which was codenamed the Nintendo NX. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Nintendo Switch!

The below video released by Nintendo actually reveals a lot about the new system. Firstly as most people guessed it is a hybrid system which means you can play games on-the-go or in the comfort of your own living room. The way the Switch achieves this is by having a tablet-like screen that connects to a dock that  is connected to your TV set. This means that while the tablet device is in the dock you are able to play games on your TV set, but once you remove the tablet-like device it allows you to game on-the-go. It seems the Switch’s controller also adopts this hybrid/modular design as it can be taken apart in two pieces that can be attached to the sides of the tablet-like screen, or be used as two separate controllers for two player games.

It looks like Nintendo will also be concentrating on the social aspect of gaming as the Switch’s tablet-like screens can be used to play with/or against other players.

I haven’t really been excited for a Nintendo console in years, but the Switch with its innovative modular design has me all giddy in anticipation of its release in March 2017.

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