Have you ever listened to Metallica and though, man these guys need their own game (and no, Guitar Hero: Metallica doesn’t count). Well, it seems that is exactly what the team at Black Rock studios thought back in 2003.

It was revealed by Kotaku that there was a Metallica game called Damage Inc. in development back in 2003. A post-apocalyptic driving/ adventure game (reminiscent of the recent Mad Max game), the game sees the members of the band reimagined as gun-totting road warriors.

Now the folks at PtoPOnline has published an extended gameplay trailer showcasing an incomplete build of the game in all it’s PS2 era glory. Apparently, the game was also being developed for Xbox and PC. Although the game sorely lacks any the band’s songs it does feature a rather impressive day/night cycle (you know, so that you can enter night) and allows you to get out of your vehicle and carjack another.

I would have loved it if the game was actually completed and released. Imagine cruising down the open road, shooting evil post-apocalyptic raiders, all the while Metallica songs keep blasting from the radio. Seems like a match made in heaven.

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