When Konami announced the latest entry in their Metal Gear series of games, Metal Gear Survive it was met with mixed reactions, mainly because no-one could figure out what it was about.

Now Konami has released a new gameplay demo video for Metal Gear Survive at TGS (Tokyo Games Show), showing players what they can expect from the game. The trailer shows a co-op mission during which players kill some of the weird horn-headed zombies and gather resources. Surprisingly the game looks rather fun, no thanks in part due to the fact that sneaking is still a player’s best option when taking on missions. The video also shows how players can have limbs damaged during combat that can be a disadvantage to the injured player (of course they are able to heal the specific ailment). There seems to be quite a robust crafting system as well similar to Fallout 4. As mentioned I’m really surprised that the game actually looks like a fun co-op game, does it belong in the Metal Gear universe? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that it will be a bad game.

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