Watch: Meet The Titanfall 2 Titans

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EA and Respawn Entertainment has released six new trailers showcasing each of the new Titans that will be available in Titanfall 2.

Each of these six Titans will have their own unique weapons and special abilities. Northstar is the sniper of the group and has the ability to fly. Legion focuses more on defense and controlling a situation with his huge minigun. Ronin, as the name implies, loves to get up close and personal using his phase shift ability to quickly gain ground and take out his opponents. Tone is the heavy of the group and uses precision cannon and rocket attacks to take out his foes. Ion uses an array of energy attacks to dominate the battlefield including his powerful laser core attack. Lastly, there’s Scorch who as you can guess uses fire based weapons and attacks.

Below are the six trailers each focusing on one of the six available Titans.

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