Mario Running Around GTA IV's Liberty City Is Bizarre

A new video answers the age old question, “What would Mario do if he lived in a real-life city?” Well, it would seem that his activities might include flying helicopters and visiting strip joints. Watch Mario running around GTA IV’s Liberty City in the clip below.

Mario Running Around GTA IV's Liberty City Is Bizarre

After the release of the Super Mario Odyssey trailer for the Nintendo Switch, which shows Mario wandering around a city filled with humans, YouTuber CrowbCat decided to mod the plumber into GTA IV’s Liberty City. The end result is quite jarring. The video shows an awkwardly life-sized Mario running around the city, being hit by cars, jumping off buildings, dancing around like an idiot, and even visiting a strip club. It seems that Mario might fit in just fine.

Be warned that the video does contain some crude language and partial nudity.

Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and sees Mario visiting different themed worlds, one resembling New York City.

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