Hot Lava

Remember way back, to a simpler time, where you as a kid imagined that the living room floor was a pool of flowing lava and you had to jump from furniture piece to furniture piece in order to avoid the boiling pool of death? It seems Klei Entertainment wants you to relive this in their new game Hot Lava.

Hot Lava

Klei Entertainment has ventured into the realm of 3D for the first time in their new game Hot Lava. It seems that the addition of an extra dimension hasn’t hampered the team who is mostly known for their great 2D animated games (most notably Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja). The gameplay reminds us a lot of Mirror’s Edge, albeit with a more Saturday morning cartoon feel. Seeing as we were fans of the original Mirror’s Edge we can’t wait to return to the first-person parkour genre. It seems that whatever you do in the game, just don’t touch the floor.

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