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Gladiator - Honest Trailer
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Screen Junkies has released their latest honest trailer, for the “historical” movie, Gladiator. The film is directed by Ridley Scott, stars Russel Crowe (at the height of his popularity), as Maximus, and Joaquin Phoenix, as Commodus, and is set in 180 AD. When Commodus’ father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, dies, he elects Maximus to succeed him. Commodus seizes power and exiles Maximus into slavery, where he fights in the gladiator arena to regain all that he’s lost.

“Be entertained by the Roman drama that started it all – GLADIATOR!”

Racking up some 5.6 million Youtube subscribers and over 1 billion views since 2008, ScreenJunkies has earned a special place in internet history. Honest Trailers now consistently brings in 2.5 million views per episode, with a 2014 take on Disney’s Frozen reaching 28 million viewers.

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