Frequency TV series

The CW released a new trailer for the upcoming Frequency series, which is based on the 2000 Dennis Quaid movie of the same name.

It seems like these days almost any hit movie from the 80s and 90s is being adapted into a television series. Remember that time-travel film which starred Jim Caviezel as a guy whose radio allowed him to speak with his dead father (Dennis Quaid)? Well, it’s being turned into a TV show.

Detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) has always wanted to prove that she is nothing like her father. In 1996, NYPD Officer Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) left Raimy and her mother behind when he went deep undercover and got himself killed. Now, twenty years later a voice crackles through her father’s old ham radio – it’s Frank, somehow transmitting from 1996. Separated by twenty years, they have reunited on a frequency only they can hear, but can they rewrite the story of their lives without risking everyone they love?

frequency TV SEries

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