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Arguably one the biggest releases spotted at E3 was Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs.

In an environment where every part of your life is connected and monitored, there is ample potential for fraud and corporate greed. The environment is quite similar to GTA’s open world action-adventure. Since all devices and gadgets are connected to the “system”, you complete tasks not only by gun-blazing through the scenes, but hacking, manipulating, disrupting, jamming communications and controlling cell phones, cameras, and traffic lights (to name a few) in your favour. The player can also access information from the ctOS on the NPCs they encounter, including information on demographics, health, and their probability of violence. The game features licensed cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, which only add to the realistic feel of the environment. The game combines action with real world features, innovative gameply and a complete storyline, where your ultimate task is to take down the corrupt system, ctOS.

Watch Dogs Insert

The game will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Although only due for release in 2013, keep a lookout at the official website for any updates along the way. This game is definitely my pick of E3, and really looking forward to it. Don’t forget to check out The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, rounding up the top 3 games at E3.

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Gameplay Demo:

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