Watch Dogs 2 Living Room Jozi

Watch Dogs 2 Launch Event – Living Room Jozi

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Monday, the 14th of November 2016 was a wet day, a day in which the sky gods seemed to be very angry at something (or someone). I decided that a little rain (hail, thunder, lightning) would not deter me from attending an event which I have been looking forward to for quite some time, the Watch Dogs 2 launch.

Watch Dogs 2 Living Room Jozi

Now there were two reasons why I was looking forward to the event. One of these reasons was, of course, the excitement of getting some more hands-on time with Watch Dogs 2. The second was that the event was being held at Living room Jozi, a rooftop bar, and cafe with some amazing views of Johannesburg.

So after braving mother nature herself, and the streets of Johannesburg, I arrived at the venue. I was amazed at how an impressive venue like Living Room Jozi was tucked away between the dilapidated buildings and grimy streets of Johannesburg.

Watch Dogs 2 Living Room Jozi

Upon arrival, I was given a warm welcome by Rene from Megarom. After a quick chat, I found myself being drawn to the great views of the city. Not only was the venue a great choice because of its breathtaking vistas but the urban setting and vibe fit in perfectly with the feel and setting of Watch Dogs 2.

After grabbing a beer, gorging on some tasty food and catching up with some friends, we were treated to a presentation on hacking and lock picking. Not only were we shown the basics of lock picking (which can be a lot harder than games make it look), the presentation also made me realize how vulnerable we all are in this age of technology. Prizes were given to those who found themselves with a particular affinity for lock picking and who were able to open some tricky locks using the myriad of tools at their disposal.

Watch Dogs 2 Living Room Jozi

The whole event, from the venue to the lock picking and hacking presentation, really fit in well with the Watch Dogs 2 theme. I couldn’t wait to get some more time to play the game. With a new and interesting protagonist, more hacking options and some updated mechanics, Watch Dogs 2 seems to be all that it’s predecessor struggled to be.
Not only did I enjoyed the limited time I had with the game, but the venue with its breathtaking surroundings made sure that this was an event that I won’t soon forget.

Watch Dogs 2 Living Room Jozi

Thanks to the Rene and the Megarom team for a fun and informative launch event. Now I need to get back to hacking my neighbor’s wireless network.

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