Watch: The Defenders And Iron Fist Trailers

The Defenders And Iron Fist
Daredevil Iron Fist Marvel Trailer
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Marvel and Netflix gave San Diego Comic-Con a lot to take in by releasing three trailers for upcoming superhero shows. Here is the first look at The Defenders and Iron Fist.

The Defenders and Iron Fist

Netflix also confirmed that the Hell’s Kitchen hero, Daredevil, will get a third season. Jon Bernthal stopped by just long enough to confirm that that Punisher standalone series was still in the works.

In the brief teaser for Iron Fist, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is introduced as a child being cared for by monks clad in yellow. We then see him trying to control his developing powers. Meanwhile, The Defenders clip shows the logos of “Iron Fist,” “Jessica Jones, “Daredevil,” and “Luke Cage” merge into the word “defend”.

Iron Fist is set to debut after Luke Cage, which will then be followed by The Defenders. Iron Fist is set to debut in 2017, though no official date has been set. The teaser for The Defenders ends with an announcement that the show will debut in 2017.

Marvel’s The Defenders will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, as they face their biggest threat yet.

Danny Rand fights relentlessly to regain everything he’s lost in Marvel’s Iron Fist, coming soon to Netflix.

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