Watch: DC Legends: Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

To celebrate the launch of the mobile RPG “DC Legends,” Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released an official launch trailer for the game, teasing the plot and gameplay for those who have yet to check out the DC All-Access coverage.

TEAM UP your favorite DC champions and THROW DOWN against your opponent in epic strategy RPG action. DC Legends is available now to download for FREE on the App Store and Google Play!

Get ready for DC Legends to arrive on mobile devices this November! Experience the ULTIMATE strategy roleplaying game packed with all of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains including Superman, Batman, Doomsday and more.

DC Legends has a cinematic feel with its vibrant environments and is as action-packed as the popular blockbuster movies. Players will have battle against Nekron and his army of Manhunters in locations that include Metropolis, Gotham City, Themyscira and Thanagar while tapping into the powers of the characters like Superman’s heat vision or Bizarro’s flame breath.

Collect and form teams of Super Heroes and Super-Villains from across the DC Universe
Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or build your own Lantern Corp
Unite unlikely allies such as Green Arrow, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, and Harley Quinn to create the perfect lineup for each mission

Find out more about the game here:

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