Russia Civilization VI

2K and Firaxis have released a new trailer for Civilization VI that gives us more insight into the leader of Russia in Civilization VI, Peter the Great.

Russia Civilization VI
The new Civilization VI trailer gives us a look at Russia led by Peter the Great. Peter the Great was responsible for modernizing Russia at a widespread level, expanding both the nation’s naval abilities for both trade and warfare. He also helped Russia gain access to the Black Sea by capturing Azov from the Crimean Tatar vassals of Turkey.

Peter was also in charge of a coalition against the Swedish Empire in the 21-year war. In 1721 the war was finally over and the Baltic belonged to Russia. As Russia’s great emperor, Peter advanced youth and secular education, reformed the nation’s calendar system to fit European standards, prioritized investment in industrial manufacturing, and improved trade relations dramatically. Through intelligence and a strong will, Peter left an indelible mark on Russia.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned

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