Civilization VI Norway

2K and Firaxis have released a new trailer for Civilization VI that gives us more insight into the leader of Norway in Civilization VI, Harald Hardrada.

Civilization VI Norway
The new Civilization VI trailer gives us a look at Norway led by Harald Hardrada. Originally exiled from his native land for supporting his half-brother’s failed campaign. Hardrada sought refuge in Constantinople. As I highly skilled warrior Hardrada, climbed the ranks of the Varangian Guard, and earning his nickname “Devastator of Bulgarians” after quelling a Bulgarian uprising. In 1042 Hardrada returned his homeland and through the use of skillful tactics was able to maneuver his way into a joint kingship with Magnus I. After Magnus’ passing he became the sole ruler his country. Hardrada’s reign was marked by both war and great progress. Peace flourished in Norway under a strong unified government.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned

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