2K and Firaxis have released a new trailer for Civilization VI that gives us more insight into Japan and the Japanese civilization

The new Civilization VI trailer gives us a look at the Japan and the Japanese empire lead by Hojo Tokimune. As a champion of the Bushido way of life, Tokimune is mainly known for leading the Japanese forces to victory against the invading Mongol empire.

The Japanese empire has the Samurai as it’s unique unit. These units are also known as Bushi class and existed for nearly a thousand years. The Samurai lived and died by the Bushido code (“the way of the warrior”) and these warriors still remain one of the most identifiable Japanese cultural touchstones. The Electronics building is the Japanese empire’s unique building. The country has quickly become home to the largest electronics industry in the entire world. Since Sony first built their electronics factory in Japan more and more technological innovations have kept Japan at the forefront of new technological developments.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned.

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