Civilization VI France

2K and Firaxis have released a new trailer for Civilization VI that gives us more insight into the leader of the French Empire in Civilization VI, Catherine de Medici.

Civilization VI
The new trailer gives us a look at the French empire lead by Catherine de’ Medici. Originally born an Italian noblewoman Catherine married King Henry II of France and became Queen until her husband passed away in 1559.  Catherine went on to bear three sons and each would become King of France during her lifetime.
The queen’s offspring would each rule France during unstable periods of continued civil and religious war. Despite all these seemingly overwhelming challenges Catherine managed to keep the French monarchy intact going as far as to champion both policies for, and later against the Protestant class.

Catherine de’ Medici was one of the most powerful women in Europe and know as a ruthless individual whose efforts kept the French monarchy intact through tumultuous periods of strife and war.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned

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