2K and Firaxis have released a new trailer for Civilization VI that gives us more insight into the English civilization.

The new trailer gives us a look at the British empire lead by Queen Victoria. Her reign is known as the Victorian era and was one of expansion and conquest.

The British empire has the Royal Navy Dockyard as it’s unique district. The Royal Navy Dockyard was where the British constructed their mighty naval fleet that was sent out to conquer far lands and expand the empire. Not only does the British have a formidable navy they also have access to the Redcoat and Sea dog units which serve as the Empire’s unique units. The Redcoat is the British infantrymen known for dressing in red uniforms. These soldiers were sent out to help expand the Empire’s reach. The Sea Dogs were a force of privateers with mighty armored ships who were instructed by the Queen to attack ships from other colonies and nations.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned.

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