Halo Megabloks

We all are probably familiar with the brick-building Lego game franchises, from Star Wars to Batman, most well-known franchises have been Legofied. But there is one franchise that has not yet received the Lego treatment and that is Halo.

Halo Megablock
Seeing as Lego tends to steer away from depictions of violence and war, it’s competitor Megabloks picked up the license for the Halo franchise a few years ago. Now thanks to some newly released footage posted by PtoPOnline,  it seems that Megabloks and Microsoft were working together on a Xbox 360 Halo game that took some of the Lego game concepts and expanded on them. From what is shown the game looks like it would have been quite a bit of fun, as it included a planned co-op, vehicles, and even a besieged mode.

It’s likely that the game was canceled when Microsoft shifted their focus to the Xbox One. Could this mean that we might see a Megabloks Halo game in the future?


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