Watch: Batman Arkham VR Behind The Scenes Trailer

Arkham VR
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Rocksteady has released a new behind the scenes trailer for Batman Arkham VR, the studio’s first VR title.

Arkham VR
So far the feedback regarding Batman Arkham VR has been really positive, with some even saying that you truly feel like the Batman.  According to the trailer, we can expect the same attention to detail, secrets, and cameos that we have seen in the other Rocksteady Batman titles.  This, of course, has me really excited as Rocksteady has a knack for being able to surprise fans of the Batman universe with all sorts of goodies in their games. Batman Arkham VR looks set to become the must-have title for PlayStation VR owners. I for one, can’t wait to become the Batman, especially since I really look good in black.

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