Watch: Avengers vs X-Men Supercut Fan Trailer

Avengers vs X-Men
Internet Trailer X-Men
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Imagine Fox, Marvel and Disney decided to play nice. Imagine they agreed to a Avengers vs X-Men film. Just think about how cool that would be.

Avengers vs X-Men

Alex Luthor’s fan trailer is perfect. Have a look below.

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In April 2012, Marvel Comics launched Avengers vs. X-Men, a 12-issue comic series featuring writers Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman and Matt Fraction. The story focused on the return of the Phoenix Force, the cosmic entity of death and rebirth, as it looks for its new host, believed to be the teenage mutant Hope Summers, who will possess all of its power. Cyclops and the other X-Men want to protect her and prepare her as if she’s to be the mutant savior, while Captain America and the Avengers want her handed over to them so they can figure out what to do with her and keep the world safe from a potentially deadly fate. Brubaker described the series as “…one of those legendary ideas: What if the Avengers fought the X-Men?”

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