Civ VI

In the latest trailer for Civilization VI Firaxis takes us behind the scenes and gives us a closer look at the art and visual style of the game.

Art of Civilization VI
The new art style of Civilization VI includes a great looking fog of war mechanic where the areas that are covered with fog of war resembles an old world map. When the player’s units move into these unexplored areas the map fades away revealing the 3d terrain. The new visual style will also allow the team to portray more emotion through the leaders of each faction’s facial animation, making them come to life. Another mechanic that adds to the feeling of a world that is alive is that damage dealt to buildings is now visually represented helping players immediately identify and repair these damaged structures. Each building and district now also has different construction states. All these elements including the day-night cycle help create a world that not only looks visually good but feels alive.

Civilization VI launches in October 2016 on PC with both Mac and Linux versions planned.

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