Warner Bros Is Looking For A Woman Of Colour To Play Batgirl

If there is one thing that Wonder Woman taught us and everyone at Warner it’s that female superheroes can flourish in Hollywood. With that in mind, excitement is beginning to build for Joss Whedon’s Batgirl film. It seems the studio is looking to cast a woman of colour to play Batgirl.

Comic book films are synonymous with rumours and Batgirl already has it’s fair share. There are rumours (described as leaks) floating around 4chan regarding DC’s next solo female comic book film. Except she won’t be so solo. According to the rumours, Robin and Black Canary will join the Batgirl debut. Furthermore, in an effort to increase diversity, Warner is looking to cast a non-white actress in the role of Batgirl.

While the leaks don’t mention any actresses linked to the role, the film has become a priority for the studio.

Joss Whedon currently has his hands full completing the Justice League movie. It will be a while before we hear any concrete news regarding Batgirl or any of the actors involved. Until then, take this with a grain of salt.

Woman Of Colour To Play Batgirl

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  1. Neither here nor there. Whether or not the actress fits Barbara Gordon is what’s important. Although I do think it’s kind of silly to particularly seek out someone of one race or another.

    Although, I must say, if they’re looking for someone other than white, it’s a shame they couldn’t just do a Cassandra Cain Batgirl movie. She’s Asian, and has always been a far better character than Barbara Gordon, IMO.

  2. “If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.” This is Hollywood’s mantra nowadays.

    Here’s mine…
    Fuck you Hollywood
    Fuck you DC Comics
    Fuck you Warner Brothers

    And good luck have a career 20 years from now when you piss people off so bad now that they won’t follow your career anymore.

    Your all dumbasses.

  3. DC, much like other companies have lost originality. It is lazy to take an established character and change them to a token minority. Create new characters who do not need to ride on the coat tails of an established character.

    • Yeah, tell that to Marvel especially. Cause there theyhave an asian hulk, a female thor & ironman. They also have America Chavez who feels the need to say she’s lesbian in virtually every page… accroding to those who read it. I won’t read them myself, they look cancerous.

    • well, in that Batman movie with Clooney, Batgirl was Alfreds niece, so why not just keep rebooting & rewriting the entire storyline until it’s nothing like the original comics?

  4. The shock value of casting someone because of their skin tone has passed as far as I’m concerned. DC needs to worry more about putting out a quality script and cast actors and actresses who can fill the role. All I want to do is enjoy a movie and then praise or bitch at the writing and content not the racial make up of the person in the film.

    Unless it calls for an overweight, no longer young, bald dude of indistinct origins to be paid millions for a short role. Then I should of course be cast.

  5. I say there is gonna be a bunch of butthurt people mad that a fictional character with no reason to be white other than white being the only thing acceptable in 1950s being upset she isnt white

    • Rob Fisher like James said Halle Berry played a good person of colour named Patience Phillips (not the white Selina Kyle), just her Catwoman part and the movie as a whole was garbage. it contained so many bad and awful writing it causes fremdschämen in me.

    • Because changing iconic characters like Barbara Gordon is stupid? I wouldn’t want some random white dude being thrown into the role as Blade or Al Simmons. Why should anyone but a white redhead play Batgirl unless it’s not Barbara then do the fuck as you please.

    • Yeah, how DARE fans be annoyed when they take liberties with well established characters?

      No, we want to see them represented like they are in the books.

      I, for one, don’t want to see an Irish Cassandra Cain or a Latino Blade.

    • Hahaha I love this argument. One why would you change the handful of actual characters of color to white. There is probably 4x the amount of white characters. Spawn is funny example to use cause I bet the casual spawn fan doesn’t even know he is black . And why should anyone else besides a white person play Barbara Gordon. One she isn’t white because she isn’t real, 2 we live in a world where there isn’t just Caucasians. If they depicted every character as they were created it would a 95% white superhero world. Sorry that isn’t appealing to anyone who isn’t white. Representation matters especially for the youth. For example I took daughter to see wonder woman and she loved it and she is now her favorite hero. I know that is largely in part to her being a female lead. I know she would relate to her even more if she had a skin tone to match hers

    • Ryan that’s funny I have wanted books that represented more than just one particular group in America and once they started to try and do that I have heard nothing but abunch a crying about the status quo being changed. Don’t worry that’s why they have books from the past so you can get your fix there

    • Roland from the Dark Tower being played by Idris pissed people off because Roland was described repeatedly as being based and looking like The Man with No Name spaghetti westerns. Does Idris look anything like Clint Eastwood? Nope.

    • The character should be depicted as they are In the books. Regardless of when the character was created. No one is stopping anyone from creating new characters in any age,color,physical build or sexual orientation. Leave the ones that are already there alone.

    • I guess I just have a hard time understanding why folk get so upset and whiny over a fictional character’s skin pigmentation being altered though they’re still pretty much the same persona.

      Seems petty and childish. The Dark Tower series is my favorite from SK (though I’d love to see From a Buick 8 in the theatres).

      Having some representation to others isn’t a bad thing at all. Idris is a damn good actor and I’m excited to see this version of the DT series while others are free to nitpick and keep themselves from enjoying entertainment. The stories of fictional characters are altered, events changed or didn’t happen, the X-Men/Mutants and Avengers/MCU are in different universes, Superman’s father dies differently on screen each time than comic books, Batman is much older and sadistic than when he originally met Supes, Aquaman looks like a badass aquatic Tarzan, Cap America didn’t die in Civil War and the “war” was extremely watered down from the original…but seems like folk get more pissed off if, my god, someone is black that was white in the comics!

    • It’s one thing to change the color of their skin and another to completely change the character and story.

      Take the Bourne movies, utter shit if you read any of the books. They took the character’s name and his amnesia and pissed all over the rest of the story.

      You claim to be a Dark Tower fan, yet you’re ok with a character based on Clint Eastwood being a tall muscled black guy? Roland is repeatedly described as Clint in every book of the 7 book series. While I haven’t read the newest one the fact remains that Roland being a tall, skinny and weather worn white guy based directly on the man with no name makes Idris a total mismatched choice.

    • I’m definitely on board with all humans.

      Because I’ve often paid alot of attention to facets and trends of filmmaking and its’ industry, and also having lived long enough to be familiar with the self-importance of human nature as well as its’ true greed (especially among executive types) I still reeallly think that the reason studios change so many of the characters they own from their original selves these days is NOT to freshly reinvent them, or to keep them interesting or even to *genuinely* attempt to assist in the validation of a target market audience’s identity… To do that purposefully would be a lovely and deserved gift… But maaaaybe, unfortunately, and against the good-hearted nature of the following terms, it’s a fake, faux brand of liberalism / progressivism (of which I am self-proclaimed as both) that’s been designed to make more money – By making your product a hot-button issue, it cannot be ignored; Capitalism and psychology combined. Buzz is generated about the change through media coverage and arguments over social platforms, and then ultimately more people see it because they can’t not. It’s actually really just as smart as it is heartless. I think it is heartless because instead of coming from a soulful place of caring, this method of reinventing a character is nothing more than a cold, calculated monetary capitalization on racial identity… And casts a little extra shock value upon everyday would-be moviegoers, driven by inevitability to mistake true fans – who are hoping to finally see the raw, historical, original character from their childhood – as racist jerks… Real racists are an actual problem too, of course; That issue speaks for itself. But I promise you, plenty of these top dog producers at these monster studios don’t care at all what movies are made. All they care about is MONEY, and they know their audiences can be increased and manipulated into shoveling out more dollars by pushing the right buttons, belonging to the right people. Even if you think I’m wrong, try asking yourself WHY somebody pushed the idea so far down the line. No decision so large gets that far because of ideology. It’s because of moneeeeey.

      *drops mic*

    • Besides the fact that the character has been about for multiple year as a white female and just to magically change after countless adventures and moments to appeal to a group of people to just to make them want to see the movie and raise box office gains. As long as this new batgirl is not named barbra gordon im fine with it but to chage a cherecter that has already been established is not ok.

    • fucken comics for the masses. its making for bullshit films. same with tv. irsis west is white. lets make some black roles white! fucken nightmare cover of the netyork times scandel

  6. Why ? Just leave her the why she is . I’m usually worried when people change a character either the race or gender to appease people or to bait people into buying it . Just make a good product ( great plot , casting , story and acting ) everything will be fine .

    • Paul Davidson it does speak volumes….it speaks to how we live in a world where if you dont preempt it with that you are called racist. dont believe it? look at all the comments here. and now thanks to you, apparently you will be implied to be. good job you.

    • Fact that if you voice your opinion anymore and say how you think something shouldn’t change, ppl want to automatically call out racism. What happened to just being able to throw out an opinion? Me, I like to follow cannon unless they say hey this from another universe etc etc. I want to see the panels I read growing up come to life.

    • You want a black Batgirl? fine like OP said, just not Barbara Gordon. create a new hero like Miles Morales in Spiderman or how Green Lantern ring chooses the hero. I wouldnt make Black Panther white to appeal to white dudes.

  7. The usual reaction: if J K Simmons will finally be in the DCEU as Jim Gordon, this connection might need explanation, even if that will just turn out to be one line of dialogue.. But explain.. And Barbara needs to remain a U.S.-american character.. After all this, make her any skin color or give her any ethnic background you want..

    • oh im sure there were….just didnt have internet to allow the stupidity to spread rapidly. Eartha Kitt was the best to date with Michelle Phiffer coming in a close second. RIP

    • white people CAN play egyptian pharaos because egyptian pharaos are basically white (because they spend almost all of their time in the shadowy insides of their palaces) compared to the ordinary egyptian worker who is totally tanned from working under the hot egyptian sun.

    • No they cannot. While yes, Pharaoh’s spent time in the shade, they are in fact African. No matter how long you put them in they shade they will not “become white”, they will be a fairer complexion , but by no means “white”.

    • well how many Egyptian actors/actresses do you know from the 1900’s. How many today? Cliff Curtis has played many different nationalities is that ok? or can he only play Maori roles lol

    • LOL did Michael Jackson “look the part” in Remember the Time. Looking the part can be a simple fix with makeup and CGI and a good speech coach. I get what you are saying, i do, but i just want good actors and i dont know many acting schools in Egypt. Can a sub-Saharan play pharaohs? or are they too dark lol?

    • this reminds me of my boy from college. He loved telling people he was African. White as paste but 4 generation African. Depending on your belief system, some might say we are all Africans, right?

    • Halle Berry played an original character named Patience Phillips, not Selina Kyle. and Jessica lucas, well I don’t know, she sure can play the role, but she doesn’t quite fit the character (if they wanna use Barbara Gordon)

    • I have never seen Halle Berry”s Catwoman for obvious reasons. So I know nothing about the movie and who she played! Jessica Lucas is the only black girl on the planet that I not only find attractive, but I think is BEAUTIFUL! She is a great actress and I think she could pull off Batgirl!

  8. It depends on which bat girl. They have already established Commissioner Gordon so there could be problems if it is supposed to be Barbara Gordon. However, there’s Casandra Kane.

  9. It’s 2017 why are we still talk about that shit. Human is Human. I really dont get it. You can make a black superman if you want, if it’s a good movie i dont care.

  10. This is the kind of BS that’ll tank her big screen debut. And what really pisses me off is you can’t object without being accused of racism. If you want a black superhero, that’s great, make one! There are a lot of great black superheroes that don’t get any love. How about we showcase Vixen? Static Shock? Steel? Mr. Terrific? John Stewart? Etc. We don’t have to change the race of an established character (or sexuality for that matter) just to feel good about ourselves. I’m not a goddamn racist for making this point, if anything I’m saying creating new/or using existing “unsung” characters furthers Black representation in pop culture media. Changing established characters just alienates the existing fan base, and often fails to carry the characters to success, see fantastic four reboot or catwoman. If you want a superhero to have a certain identity, then create one with that identity, if you can’t think of cool idea for a new character then use one who doesn’t get a lot of attention. I guarantee you’ll find far more success bringing someone unknown to light (see guardians of the galaxy) then alienating a 75 year old fan base (see new 52 earth 2 Alan Scott). 10 years ago who would’ve predicted that Green Arrow would’ve had a successful tv series, or the new found popularity of aquaman? It can be done.

    • Why would changing their SKIN COLOR cause any issues?

      If you and others aren’t racist, you shouldn’t even shrug at tbe change

      And yet you just wrote about 3 paragraphs about why this isn’t okay…

      Yea okay bud.

    • That’s wrong tons of black people read comics and why would you change cyborg or blade as they make up the small percentage of characters of color. When there is literally an over abundance of white characters. Also comic book media is a boom or bust medium. Wonder woman is one of the most iconic comic book characters and has been around since the 40s. Yet 2017 was her first time on screen and you think they are just gonna make a few black characters and then throw them in a movie…lol lol. I’m glad you aren’t in charge of the change department

    • Hahaha what if they made 2 Africans that’s aren’t south African white and opposed to a character with no ties to anything that defines race being changed…compare apple’s to oranges much but then again anyone up in arms about social justice obviously sucks at perspective

    • Hahaha in your original statement you said come up with original ideas but then said you’re OK with miles and falcon becoming characters that were already established ideas. I’m confused which one is it?

    • Well Said! So sick of having my childhood made over into stupid SJW-PC bullshit simply because the whiners feeling slighted haven’t enough imagination to make up their own stuff. … as if any of it actually makes the world go ’round.

    • Jamie Fister good call! i think the world is ready for a white Black Panther! or maybe Falcon could be an Irish guy?

      And you know what? Blade would work much better as a white guy!

      anyone who throws a fit about hollywood whitewashing but then says stuff like this is progressive is a hypocrite.

      it bothers some people because you are talking about characters that where apart of their childhood. characters they grew up with, invested time and money with. who had hours long conversations about what ifs and who can do what. who felt like they where a part of that universe.

      changing something about that for the sake of social justice or pandering is a slap to the face and will instantly turn off those who loved it. not because it is a change that make sense and works well (see Bette Kane, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, or Stephanie Brown) as a progression of the character and the fans will respond. force change simply for changes sake (or pandering) it will alienate them if it is well done or not.

    • Kenneth Ray Miles Morales and Sam Wilson are ok because they’ve earned the mantle of Spider-Man and Captain America for good reasons.
      Peter Parker was dead so Miles felt it was his responsibility to pick up where Peter left off in name only. In the case of Sam Wilson who was chosen by Steve Rogers
      to succeed Steve Rogers because he no longer had the super soldier serum to continue his mission as Captain America and because of what the name represents he chose to pass it on to someone who would make him proud

    • Mauricio Luna, Sam Wilson is the only one who’s earned anything. He’s been Cap’s number 1 for decades, he deserves the promotion. And it wasn’t because of any racial bullshit. Miles Morales is nothing but PR

    • No Dustin, you’re not racist… you’re hitting this spot on. But the left wing nut jobs on here will paint you racist… but you’re just sick like everyone else who has a brain of them turning every character into a black person.

    • Like how every Egyptian movie since the dawn of movies such as the mummy has been casted by caucasians ? Yea…makes since…let’s make everything white so ambiguous racist are happy…
      king fu movie? White people! Yay!
      Native American movie? White people! Yay!
      Movie based on Mesopotamia culture? White people! Yay!
      African mystic lore? White people! Yay!

    • I love the argument well what if blade was white lol here’s why that’s not a valid argument black heroes are already make up a small percentage of comics every black hero u name I can name ten white ones so making a black hero white will further increase diversity gap I get white people mad but use the change black heroes to white

    • I don’t get it at all unless they’re simply racist. hell theyre still pissy about the middle eastern green lantern & Hispanic one…

      Gl corps employs all races alien alike throughout the entire galaxy and they feel slighted because there’s a Islamic one? So all alien races is ok long as they’re not the dark complexion ones from earth 😭😂😭

    • Hell it’s the fact they’re looking specifically for a woman of color to play catwoman, why be specific if they’re not targeting certain races for box office $ then? If race isn’t a big deal then let’s just have the next MLK be a white guy, Pocahontas can be played by a Russian and Hitler can be an Asian actor right, since you don’t get why it’s an issue that they want a specific races for the part that doesn’t adhere to storyline. There’s no reason to deviate from the story line, that’s the point? It’s just for $ but they’re losing the actual fan base they’re making their movies for to begin with. What’s next, remaking Dances With Wolves with a Mexican playing the white guy and Natives being played by whites with a tan and some makeup since it doesn’t matter? There are comic characters of all races, so just let those races play those characters, it’s really that simple.

    • Wasn’t there already an Asian woman who played as Batgirl in the comics? Cassandra Cain I believe. So in my mind as long as they stick with that story you aren’t changing the race and history of the character, now if you try to say that girl is supposed to be Barbara Gordon then I won’t be watching your movie. Race or Gender swapping a character for the sake of pandering to SJWs nearly always suck in storylines because they completely forget to actually give these characters compelling histories. Sacrificing long-time readers and fans for bandwagon jumpers who only join in a spur of the moment and have little intention of staying is the problem with making comics and movies based on them mainstream.

    • Here is a novel idea. If some of youfolk dont like the lack of characer create them. Oh damn did i just stare you create original characters of color? I think so. Bam!! Look at that you will be increasong the number of whatever characters gender, sexual preference, or color. I mean damn lets all piss and moan about the lack rather than create.

    • Philip Rice, that’s a little hypocritical. Why is it okay to change one, and not the other? When in reality, there are dozens of black heroes.

      Black Lightening
      New Moon
      Mr. Miracle (Shilo)
      GL Jon Stewart Green Arrow Connor Hawke
      Vic Stone
      Dr. Mid-Nite and so on.

      That’s just DC.

    • There’s scores more in D.C. ….marvel….not so much….also there’s a black batgirl already and yes Cassandra is Asian but guess what would happen if they literally put black bat/Batgirl 3/Orphan/Cassandra in a movie….

      Take a wild guess 😭😂😭

    • Marcus Davis I totally get what you’re getting at but you have no problem with one race being not picked simply because of their skin color plain and simple. It sucks that white washing was pretty big back in the day but the answer to that is to stop washing, not continue doing the same thing but with other races. But that logic is probably just “hushed racism” to you.

    • Jared Clay No, my thing is do it as it should be. If you’re not going to then all bets are off.

      First and foremost there will be 97% comic book inaccuracies within the movie.

      Just because someone spent 608 hours editing 2 second clips of a 2hr+ movie to bring imagery similar to a game or one panel doesn’t mean that percentage should go down.

      The actual content matters. How many people got upset about the dark knight movie characters? None….

      Bane= Hispanic
      Ra’s Al’Ghul=Middle Eastern
      Etc etc and how many of them were portrayed by the race of the character design?


    • Jared Clay so if someone is not going to bitch and moan about one injustice don’t bitch and moan at another.

      Just accept the poor script compared to the real book and hide behind lies of it being “it’s own universe” but get upset when that universe isn’t like the other.

      It’s hypocritical as fuck and stupid.

    • Id still rather just read the comic. I do agree you shouldnt have to change skin tone just be creative and create a whole new character. Id be more inclined to read about a new up and comer than just a pallet swap of the original. Also a good story line helps. Wesley Snipes will a lways be my Blade lol

    • Jamie Fister youre obviously a complete moron. Batgirl is commissioner gordons daughter. Gordon is white. Batgirl has always been white. Stupid to change it. Why can we not have a vixen movie? Anf if we do…its ok if we change her to white right? Fuck black panther…it should be white panther right?

  11. No reason for anyone to get pissed at this lol why should it matter if the actor is good? And really, it doesn’t matter since nothing about her appearance has anything to do with her origins. I’d understand if Marvel decided to cast a chinese guy to play Black Panther, since his skin color actually does have to do with his origins, but Barbara Gordon’s origin doesn’t dictate her appearance.

  12. African American bat girl? Pff that’s easy, why not make her a trans-atheist-latino, now that would be something, hahahaha but seriously, all that matters is that she is a good actress and nothing more.

  13. I really don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand I think it’ll be cool to see more people of color in major roles but I have never liked changing of race or gender of iconic characters. Especially when both DC and Marvel have plenty of heroes of color that they can either include or make movies of based on the already proven success of Wonder Woman.

    It was the same issue when one comic writer decided to make Wonder Woman bisexual. I can understand being progressive but Diana Prince being straight in a world of women who predominately were not was a huge part of her character arc.

    There are plenty of WOC’s in DC comics that would be great on film with amazing stories. Hell since Marvel’s Black Panther is proving to be a success how about a Vixen film…she has already proven to work on TV.

    This is just my view but hey.

    • im all for everybody feeling included in comics. but these charecters were dug up from small story arks people like irsis west and brought to life through time they should be making breathing life into old and new charecters. not standing on teh backs of other roles. look at that abortion of a cat woman film. with haly berry

  14. this argument is getting old AF!!! you want a POC as Batgirl? cool make one up. Just like Miles Morales as Spidey. Like when Falcon became Cap A for a while. Only time people care if when you change a heroes race for pandering reasons. Making Nick Fury black or Iceman gay for example is pandering to PC sheeple. Want a black hero, create a new one, want a gay hero, create a new hero.

  15. How much outrage would there be if people cast a white guy as Blade? Lets Go through positive black characters. Vixen, John Stewart, Blade, Storm, Cyborg, Black Panther, Static, Bumblebee, Luke Cage, Falcon. Sorry, but Barbara Gordon is a white girl with Red hair. If they were to do Cassandra Cain then i would hope to see an Asian girl play the role. Stephanie Brown? white chick blonde hair. If there is a feeling of not enough diversity out there then its time new characters were created.

  16. It would have to make sense. Making nick fury black is no big deal because he was perfectly cast and you dont have to change his overall story. There were no questions when samuel l jackson was cast as fury, and rightfully so. Making the human torch black made no sense at all. He is known as the brother of sue storm, so you had to either mess around with the back-story or make sue black, and i just couldnt buy it. It just wasnt believable. All that did was make someone black just for the sake of doing it. I mean it was a shit film anyway that had worse problems, but that bit of casting did not do it any favors. I personally dont give a shit. I’m going to see a superhero movie to be entertained, not search for some sort of message by making a white character black. If that can be done and take nothing away from the story then fine. If all we’re doing is casting kevin hart to play a norse god because we want to attract a more diverse audience, then you had better be able to make sense out of casting a black comic as a scandanavian deity, because no audience will buy into it.

  17. I’m all about diversity, I really am. Having said that, you shouldn’t totally change the character, look and origin to play nice. There are plenty of diverse heros out there to make movies of. How about we bring those to the front lines.

  18. Just get a girl who can act.. Don’t get a famous name person to play the part just to put movie fans in a seat .. Don’t pick somebody like Nicki Minaj for super hero shock value… Because that movie might flop worse than reboot Ghostbusters

  19. oh it’s not like the character (AKA Barbra Gordon) has been a white Red head the entire time, and yes I know about the other bat women. and I’m not butt hurt, I would just prefer an accurate portrayal of this character that is true to the comics. if anything they should be looking for an Asian actress to play Cassandra Cain’s batgirl

    • Nick Fury was changed in the Marvel’s Ultimate universe back in 2001, Samuel L Jackson first came onto theater in 2010 9 years later…but that was one of the few times that type of change was actually a good change, DC never once made Barbara Gordon into a black character, that’s just too risky on their part, so how do they make a black Batgirl? instead they create a new character called Cassandra Cain who ends up being the 4th Batgirl, only problems with them doing that in the DCEU though is that Barbara never even made her show as Batgirl yet so it’d be weird to immediately make her into Oracle, and broaden my horizons? Sweetheart, it’s not the fact that it’s the actor’s color that’s different, it’s the fact that they’re not sticking to the comics this way, I could care less what any new hero looks like, but don’t change the old ones, remember the latest Fantastic Four movie? I don’t see that movie getting a whole lotta praise for doing the same thing (in my honest opinion it was ab OKAY movie, but not alot of people share the same opinion on that) I say add, because when you change a character’s race, you’re getting rid of the old one, everyone would go crazy if Black Panther became a white male, it’s just too risky of a move that will most likely be hated in the end, again, it has nothing to do with race, but it has all to do with change

  20. I mean, unless Barbara Gordon is adopted in this timeline, she can’t be anything other than white. She could be mixed, Jim being her father and then having a black/latino/whatever, mother. But other than that, it’s biologically impossible for her to be anything but white. Especially since we know J.K Simmons is Jim Gordon, and he’s white. I suppose they could just say “screw science” but critics and audiences both will see that something’s up. It’d be much safer and much easier for them to just stick with comic accuracy.

  21. So instead of putting the characters of color in DC forward, they’d rather change the existing ones. They announce it because they want to be praised for their decision. They really should get the best actress for the part. They did get Rosario Dawson to play Batgirl in the Lego Batman movie. But it’s like they forgot about Vixen, John Stewart, Jaime Reyes, and Mr. Terrific. This feels shady as shit to me.

  22. If they follow the Wonder Woman movie’s example, then it might JUST be a good movie. If they give the rights to another movie studio, it might be awesome! As far as who they cast, just so that they do a good job with the character, her melanin count doesn’t matter.

  23. i´m ok with everything Hollywood want to do (i just don’t go see the movie and that’s it) BUt if the fuckers make Blade a white person, then that would be the point when ill grab my shotgun and… ohhh forgot that someone is watching, always watching

  24. Doesn’t DC have like a million Earths in some sort of multiverse? Tap into that writer’s convinience. Batgirl doesn’t even have to be a girl. Or human. Or animal. Maybe a vegetable this go? Perhaps mineral?

    • there’s an alternate DC Earth with anthropomorphic animals. but they can’t do that if this Batgirl exists in the DCCU, and even more so if they decide to make her Barbara Gordon under the cowl.

  25. A black Batgirl, ok fine whatever, but explain the lack of red hair that Batgirl in the books have and the movie one doesn’t. Unless this is going to be another one of those DC movies like “Catwoman” was. Same name sorta the same story but totally way off any continuity of any type.

  26. I think it’s about the story. Black, white, or other, it’s about the story. Look at the way racial changes have been handled:

    Iris West and the West family in the Flash series. Strong character. Great development. A plausible explanation that outlines the racial change present in the show vs. the comics, and then the issue is left alone. You’re left with a great character in great stories and it doesn’t matter one damn bit what race the character is.

    Now -to contrast -let’s take Marvel Comics’ current drive to be more ‘progressive’. They change characters for no reason with no explanation other than “Diversity!” and float weak-ass stories. Often with minority characters CHOCK FULL of stereotypes. (Look at Amadeus Cho, Robbie Reyes, Kamala Khan, etc.).

    They make Batgirl a minority character and make it a strong one in a good story, very few will care. But do it only to do it, and have that be the extent of the story -it’ll suck. Not to mention actually be offensive to minority fans.

  27. I’m one of “those” comic book fans. Comic book accuracy is everything. Do it right, or don’t do it at all. Just like the fucking Ghostbusters and Michael B Jordan as the Human Torch with a white invisible woman, they’re supposed to be siblings. Minor characters changing is nothing, but why fuck with the main characters? I’m not built for this world. I’m not sensitive. Idc if everyone feels included or special. Change Vic Stone to a white guy or Asian guy and see what kind of reaction you get. Riots. Smdh

    Also, so far, DC hasn’t changed their main characters, Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl (which is one of the main reasons I don’t watch the show, that and it should be Kara Kent, not fucking Danvers), LF (Morpheous) as Perry White (I like this change though, literally the only difference is skin tone). Marvel has done nothing but fuck their characters. Changing almost 30 years of history so everyone feels special and included. This world is full of pr pussies

  28. Why is this needed? Am I no longer a MAN and a BROTHER? Was my home town almost wiped off the map because our young men did not return from fighting the Slaveocrats for nothing? Was Medger Evers shot for nothing? Was St. Martin Luther King jr spouting a sermon after a bender, to be slept through and forgotten?
    It is not some kind of nefarious White Privilege to insist that Humans act humanely as yesteryears dreamers begged our grandfathers and fathers. Those who like Antifa just want to find new things to brawl about are cut from the same cloth as The Joker. They just need to destroy.

  29. Jesus listen to you people. There are like a handful of notable popular superheros. Do you really have a problem with this? If none of you complained when Tilda Swinton replaced a Tibetan man’s character then you can’t complain about this.

  30. I mean, that’s neat? If they’re changing her character to a dark skinned woman, I hope they’ll carry it out into the franchise instead of doing it just to have a person of color in a movie >>

  31. Stay true the comic and the character, if you want diverse characters. Then make more of them, write more of them, draw more great characters along those styles, promote the shit out of them, without fucking up great established characters, then maybe those great new characters will become legends in their own right and get there own movies. Quit fucking up fan fav movies by changing what made them fan favs.

  32. It is ridiculous how people get so upset. As long as she has the same values and embodies the character then her race doesn’t matter. Some of you would take a good looking cosplayer or model over a real actress who can truly bring the character to life. It’s sad.

  33. How about we actually TAKE INSPIRATION FROM THE COMICS rather than pander by making a POC batgirl. Unless it’s Cassandra Cain, which would be a nice idea, don’t go coming up with a racially different version of someone like Barbara

  34. They can’t keep changing every fucking hero black. This shit is getting ridiculous. No one really cares. You are not edgy, you are not gaining respect from the black community. Changing them does absolutely nothing but pat black people on the back and a “good job ol boy you made it” it’s damn insulting if you ask me.

  35. “I don’t care about race. But I’m angry if they change the race of a fictional character.” If you don’t care about race, why trip?

    And don’t try to bring up “what if’s” with Black heroes. Many black heroes were created with their blackness being a major aspect of their character and comic. Whereas most white heroes didn’t have their whiteness as a main component of their character.

    If a character was just white or just black or just whoever, I don’t care about changes.

    But a character like Black Panther, being black is important to his comics. Batgirl being white is not.

  36. Can we just let Liz Katz, Yaya Han, Penelope Cruz, or Jessica Lucas play the part and wear skimpy outfits?
    Sorry for the perversion, but they are beautiful women and I actually don’t care who plays the part. Just play the part well, or at least at a B movie quality.

  37. It takes away from the comic story line. And why “of color”??? What’s wrong with keeping her white and Commissioner Gordon’s niece? This is like casting Hale Berry as a totally different Cat woman, and look how that ended up!

  38. Considering most comics always have multiple dimensions…I’m sure it’s not that hard to change a back story. Further more…why is it an issue. Whites have portrayed every REAL LIFE character without shame yet POC must ask if it’s ok to play fictional superheroes. Please get the hell with the bs. Don’t call it racism though. The world just needs to remain white and bright

    • aah, the old “they’re fictional so they don’t have a right to their history” fallacy. :-D also, remember superheroes have a civilian identity too, and this side is the one that it’s about here. Barbara Gordon = White, Cassandra Cain = Eurasian, Stephanie Brown = White, wanna make a POC Batgirl, don’t give her those names as secret civilian identity.

    • Frank Lindner See, just wanting to argue instead of understand. I never said they don’t deserve their context. I said you’re screaming foul when historically whites have stolen mostly everything to date that you want deem “originally Caucasian”, then all of a sudden want to scream foul when others want to be represented fairly. Your small perception that someone needs to look like you all the time is tired and played out…You boycott when people try to play traditionally white roles but when it’s in reverse it’s “oh they are just casting talent” it’s ok just say you want the world to be a reflection of what makes you feel safe. If you want to say that’s an old idioigy…than realize that people literally rioted when idris Elba played hemdal in Thor…it’s plenty more examples but I know the data only matters when you want it to be relevant. Maybe one day we can just have a multitude of people portraying roles and being able to be cast as anyone without the stereotypes being pushed on them.

  39. Ya, this is fine. But I want a white Blade, an Asian Black Panther and a Russian Captain America. Make your actors fit the part. This is literally just as idiotic as the guy who played Glen in TWD being considered as Nightwing.

  40. If it’s gonna be Cassandra Cain, fine as long as they do the character properly, if it’s gonna be Barbara Gordon, she had better be a good actor. Just don’t try to change Stephanie brown, it won’t end well.

  41. Fanboys are such a predictable snore-fest. So what if they recreate batgirl as a woman of colour?! Boo-hoo to you and your redhead wankfest!
    1. Once more, she is a fictional character in a fictional world.
    2. Character was created during a time in the US when things were created and targeted to a specific demographic – the Caucasian population.
    SO WHAT if the character gets recreated as a person of colour?! Like many have said, if the actress can really act, and pulls off the role well, then SO WHAT?! Let the new generation of fans also start to appreciate a hero that wasn’t specifically created to be black, but is another hero for them to relate to – even if it’s just that he/she resembles them in colour/features/hair. People of colour unfortunately were made to feel that they less than / the bad guys for too long… so to the haters – get over yourselves, you whiny babies!

  42. Taryn

    Fanboys are such a predictable snore-fest. So what if they recreate batgirl as a woman of colour?! Boo-hoo to you and your redhed wankfest!
    1. Once more, she is a fictional character in a fictional world.
    2. Character was created during a time in the US when things were created and targeted to a specific demographic – the Caucasian population.
    SO WHAT if the character gets recreated as a person of colour?! Like many have said, if the actress can really act, and pulls of the role well, the SO WHAT?! Let the new generation of fans also start to appreciate a hero that wasn’t specifically created to be black, but is another hero for them to relate to – even if it’s just that he/she resembles them in colour/features/hair. People of colour unfortunately were made to feel that they less than / the bad guys for too long… so to the haters – get over yourselves, you whiny babies!

  43. Well, if true, it most likely won’t be Barbara Gordon. Unless they go the adoption route or her mother is black.

    I’m hoping for someone who isn’t Barbara though.

  44. Here we go again. Let’s change the whole charter to appease people bc they choose to bitch and moan bc she isn’t black, Asian, Hispanic etc, she’s white. She’s a white character, deal with it. There are plenty of heroes of color. I wouldn’t want them to be changed to a different ethnicity. Fuck

  45. Are they trying to avoid saying “black” or include a variety of skin color? Such as red-(white southerner aka redneck), yellow (Asian), dark red (Native American), brown (any culture close to the equator), white is a color too just ask Crayola, or finally purple (the REALLY dark skinned tribes of South America)?

  46. This is the work of joss whedon and it’s retarded beyond words because it’s ignoring already black female heroes in DC and Gordon is already a white guy. And this is assuming g it’s true or that batgirl will even be made.

    Fuck joss whedon.

    • DC panders just as much as marvel You just havn’t been paying attention. There are two wally west right now because DC would not dare get rid wally west 2 aka black wally west. Batgirl, supergirl, superwoman, and a dozen other white female superhero all in relationships with black guys. Half having had a creepy white guy storyline at the same time. Power girl is black. Female and Muslim Green laterns. Dude you have been in deep denial about dc and there pandering.

    • And yes im aware of the pandering theyve done in the comics, but its still lesser done better than what marvel does.

      Also they dropped black power girl and most of those relationships.

  47. White people are the ultimate “colored” people. Has anyone ever thought of that?
    When we blush, our cheeks turn pink.
    We sunbathe, our skin turns brown
    We get hit, our bruises are yellow, blue, green, and purple.
    We get scratched or smacked, we turn red.
    You see what I’m saying now?

  48. Here we go again! How about you just make the movie properly? Where in the hell is the rule that says other races can’t like white superheroes and white people cannot enjoy super heroes of other races? I’m sure plenty of black people like Batgirl the way she is in the comics just as there are white people who like Black Panther, Cyborg, or Luke Cage! Heck, I love Storm! Stop trying to shoehorn political correctness into entertainment. Instead, focus your time and energy on getting the characters right for a change! It’s the same problem I have with Wonder Woman. Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I can only like female character. I personally have never liked Wonder Woman, Spider-Man is my favorite super hero! Like who you like because you like the character…not because they are popular or politically correct.

  49. If it’s not Barbara Gordon then I’m fine with it. But if it is then I’m not that fine with it….would you like to see an Asian dude play batman?? …Ok then.

  50. Also it’s gonna be so hard to explain how batgirl is a different race when Jim Gordon is white, you could give the explanations like she is mixed or adopted, but just make it make the casting acurate

  51. Let’s also take into account for all you people that say “create your own characters” when black panther was released people yelled it was to black and where are the white cast???? Soooo it’s been cool for the past 60 years to keep poc out of movies but when one of few big produced movies that cast POC does come out with too much “black” then it’s still a outcry…so what is it…just want to make sure the old ways stay relevant? Or do you just want to complain. Did you even ask why is it a whole convo to see if it’s ok to cast black characters….a lot of movies change characters who were originally written as black to white characters. So if You’re not going to actually do any research on how much recasting is done to whiten up moves and then disagree with that practice then you shouldn’t care POC are being cast in what is traditionally white roles ‍♂️

  52. How about we stop making everything about race and just open competition for best Batgirl. Whichever female does the best job get the role. Regardless of black, white, indian, asian. Who cares!

  53. I stopped caring when it was demanded that a super hero be (or become) LGBT, then suddenly Thor became female. We’re a long time gone from the days when they gave a damn what we had to say- even if you’re inclined to believe there ever was a time. Let them do what they do and we’ll do what we do…buy it or not.

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