Warner Bros. To Do a Batman Beyond Film?

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With the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy wrapped up, there were bound to be many questions raised as to who would continue the role of Batman with a Justice League film set for production. Early speculation was that Warner Bros. would reboot the Batman franchise (yet again) to introduce a new actor for the role. Now it seems that the company may actually do a reboot in the form of a Batman Beyond film.

Warner Bros. May Do a Batman Beyond Movie - Terry and Bruce

The original animated series ran from 1999 to 2001 and featured a teenager, Terry McGinnis, as Batman, mentored by a retired Bruce Wayne. Rumours have now turned to a continuation of the Nolan trilogy with an older Bruce Wayne, while suggestions are still on a full reboot of the franchise. Another question that arises from the news is whether fans would see the reboot before the scheduled release of the Justice League film in 2015.

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