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Vin Diesel Explains Why Groot Is The Heart of Guardians Of The Galaxy

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It seems Vin Diesel took his role as Groot incredibly seriously and even filling his recording-booth with detailed explanations of what Groot really means when he speaks.

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Diesel explains:

“It was a role that felt like the most challenging role one could ever present to play. A role where you can’t use your facial mannerisms or your body, your physicality, and a role where you’d be limited to only three monosyllabic words. It was for me a challenge as a thespian and as an artist and as someone that’s been acting since he was seven years old that I couldn’t turn down. I just felt the challenge of it.”

“How do you create this emotional character? How do you create a character arc that is limited in that way? And that is what I focused on more than anything else. I grew up in a household with a father who was a theatre director, and one of the things he used to say was that there’s no small roles, only small actors. I took it to heart and now you have Groot.”

“I started to feel like I’d better pay more attention to Marvel and I’d better really work a little bit harder to find something for all these fans that are wanting some association within Marvel somehow. I went there and talked to Louis [D’Esposito] and Kevin Feige…and we were essentially comparing notes and they were complimenting me on how I’d produced the Fast and Furious saga to this place that it’s at now. And they showed me a picture of Nick Fury and said that that concept of Nick Fury being black, being Sam Jackson, came from a film called xXx where he plays Gibbons and they were saying that that film inspired them to make Nick Fury black.”

“But I had this meeting and it was about Phase 3 plans. And last summer, the social media craze hit an all time high and we realized quickly that waiting for 2017, 2018 wasn’t going to be sufficient enough for the fans, and that they wanted something more immediate.”

Vin Diesel Explains Why Groot Is The Heart of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Here he is reciting ‘I AM GROOT!’ In Multiple Languages


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