Sony's Venom Movie Is Jumping On The R-Rated Bandwagon

Sony’s Venom Movie Is Jumping On The R-Rated Bandwagon

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With Venom’s first outing on the big screen in Spider-man 3 seen by many as a huge flop, it would seem that Sony is set to redeem themselves as they recently indicated that the new Venom solo movie might be an R-rated sci-fi horror.

Venom Movie To Jump On The R-Rated Bandwagon

It’s likely that Sony made this decision after witnessing the success of both the R-rated Deadpool and Logan movies. Fans might be getting the Venom movie they have always wanted as the upcoming solo movie is classified by MyEntertainmentWorld as an “Action/Horror/Sci-Fi” which sounds like the perfect description of the Venom franchise.

The studio is hoping to kickstart their own cinematic universe separate from Marvel. By having their universe R-rated Sony should be able to differentiate themselves from the more kid-friendly Disney one. Of course, this universe would need to exist without everybody’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man as Sony has a deal with Disney that ensures that Spider-Man only appears in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. This does not mean that Sony couldn’t make it work. They still have the license to quite a few Marvel characters, including Black Cat and Silver Sable, which are also rumoured to have their own spin-off movies in the works.

While it might seem like a very risky move, it could potentially pay off if handled correctly.

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  1. Christopher Brendon Landry

    Like all superhero movies should they will make more money for sure nobody wants to see a pg superhero movie

    • Stacey Benjamin

      I beg to differ. We fell in love with these graphic novels as kids so our kids deserve to see them to and fall in love as we did. How can you have a SUPERHERO movie that kids arnt able to watch ?!

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