Venom Finally Shows His Face In The New Venom Movie Trailer

With the first trailer for the upcoming Venom movie receiving a lukewarm reception, mostly due to the titular symbiote not making an appearance, Sony has released a new trailer which not only shows the anti-hero in all its toothy glory but showcases some of the symbiote’s abilities.

The new Venom trailer once again starts off focusing on the lead protagonist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a reporter, as he investigates the nefarious organisation called The Life Foundation. They are conducting tests using the symbiotes. Of course, all hell breaks loose as one of these symbiotes, who calls itself Venom, bonds with Eddie.

Venom Tom Hardy

The trailer not only gives us our first really good look at Venom but reveals some of his abilities as he slams some bad guys around using his tendrils. Sony seems to mostly have stayed true to the look and abilities of the comic version of the character.

Venom releases on the 4th of October 2018 and stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and Michelle Williams.

What do you think of Venom‘s look and, more importantly, Tom Hardy‘s accent? Does the trailer get you more excited for the film’s release?

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  1. Mary

    This is terrible CGI ! I was really looking forward to this but the trailer wasn’t doing it for me. I’ll still watch for Tom Hardy’s great acting

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