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For those keeping track of such things, WhatsApp teased an imminent release of its new emoji list to be introduced with the latest update. Interestingly, there’s an official library of emojis with its own governing body, otherwise known as The Unicode Consortium, who actually also handle a lot more serious matters related to Unicode. Texters will be happy to know that the Consortium has announced an additional 72 emoji characters to this year’s list.

While the announcement came a few weeks ago, and subsequently also announced by WhatsApp Inc., the release of the new emojis via an update will only be available in the coming weeks, which will start rollout on 21st June. The range of emojis cover quite a few topics, such as smileys, food, people and animals. There are, however, a few standout additions that would please most users, the face palm, shoulder shrug, and even the selfie emoji. While the emojis may be available for use, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will appear on all devices, and require an update from Apple and Google to incorporate the new Unicode characters as well.

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The mock-ups you see above are not yet official, and are examples created by Emojipedia in the form of Apple-style characters. And there’s another hot talking point for the upcoming update; the inclusion of the clown emoji. Unfortunately, if you suffer from Coulrophobia (those who suffer from a fear of clowns), the news of an update may not please you at all.

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