Ubisoft Has Revealed The Far Cry 5 Cover Art

Ubisoft has released the cover art for the upcoming Far Cry 5 game that shows us some of the characters we will be meeting and what could possibly be the game’s antagonist.

Ubisoft Has Revealed The Far Cry 5 Cover Art

The Far Cry 5 cover art reveals that, unlike I initially predicted and hoped, the game will not be taking place in a western setting but rather a modern day one. This has left me a teeny bit disappointed as I’m not sure how the modern day setting will differ from one’s we’ve seen in other games. A plus point is that the characters which the new cover art reveals seem like a bunch of intriguing and possibly deadly fellas.

The image looks like it is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper which shows Jesus’ final supper with his Apostles. My guess is that mister front-and-centre will probably be the game’s antagonist. The theme of the image also could indicate some sort of betrayal by a Judas-like figure.

For more news, we’ll have to wait till the 26th of May when Far Cry 5‘s worldwide reveal is set to take place.

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