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Two More PS4 Elite Style Controllers Being Released

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It seems everyone is jumping on the Xbox One Elite controller bandwagon nowadays as it was announced that both Razer and Nacon would be releasing their own versions of the Xbox One Elite controller for the PS4.

Elite Cotrollers
The news was announced on Germany’s PlayStation Blog, and reveals that Razer and Nacon would be releasing elite style controllers for the PS4 that looks quite similar to their Xbox One counterpart. Both of these controllers will be targeting professional games and the esports scene.

Elite Cotrollers

The Razer Raiju controller features two extra shoulder buttons and two rear triggers. The triggers also have hair trigger options which will allow players to more quickly pull the triggers to their maximum input. The triggers can flip between two profiles which will enable players to customize some aspects of the controller. It also features a 3.5mm headset jack with integrated controls, and rubber caps on both the analog sticks that can be removed.

Elite Cotrollers

The Nacon Revolution Pro’s looks depart the most from that of the standard Dual Shock controller. The position of the left analog stick and D-pad has been flipped resembling the design of the Xbox Controller. It also features four shortcut buttons, and eight-way D-pad and can store up to four profiles for remapping buttons or configuring shortcuts. It also has the ability to store weights in various compartments meaning that players will be able to customize the balance of the controller.

No specific release dates or prices have been announced for any of the two controllers, but we expect this to change as we head into the festive season.


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