Toys to Life

It’s been quite a while since the demise of Disney Infinity, and it seems both Skylander and LEGO Dimensions are still performing quite well. Now two new games in the toys to life genre will be trying to take on these two giants.

Toys to Life
The two new toys to life games that are joining LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders is Lightseekers and Infinite arms. Both of these will be hoping to bring new innovations to the genre.

Lightseekers is being created by Play Fusion, who consists of developers that have worked on Tombraider and Street Fighter, and using the toy experience from Tomy. Play Fusion hopes that Lightseekers will be the next evolution of the games to life franchise, as the game will try and incorporate not just fully articulated toys, but a trading card system as well. Lightseeker figures are not only larger, and more articulated than their counterparts, but are also quite intelligent as they are able to respond to what is going on around them in various ways (lights, vibrations and sound). Lightseekers was also developed for the tablet touch interface from the ground up, rather than being ported from a console.

Infinite Arms is being developed by Jumo and consists of developers who have worked on the Gears of War and Halo Franchises. The game’s figures have a more robotic/mech aesthetic which is not surprising as the team includes an ex-transformers designer. Infinite Arms will launch as a free-to-play shooter with both single and online multiplayer modes. The toys will be customizable as players will be able to purchase, for instance, add-on weapons which could be added to their robot/mech, thereby improving it’s fire power.

I am personally a huge fan of the toys to life genre and was gutted when Disney Infinity was canceled, so I can’t wait to give both these new entrants into the genre a try when they release.

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