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Studio: Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television
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Verdict: 3 / 5

In the new wave of post-apocalyptic sci fi shows that seems to be popping up here and there these days, The 100 had a fairly interesting concept, albeit one that’s probably been done before in other media slightly better. The first season is now available on DVD, so let’s decide if it’s worth our time.

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In the near future, a total nuclear war on Earth wipes out all life on the planet, leaving the only humans alive in 12 space stations orbiting the planet. 97 years later, the space stations are in a coalition, but a crisis of resources means that all non-essential persons must be jettisoned. 100 young dissidents and criminals are sent to Earth, where surprisingly, they find not only life, but human life, as they come into conflict with the primitive Grounders.

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By this point, you’ll probably know whether you want to watch the show or not. For me personally, I had a few niggles with it that made me get turned off from the show, but I suspect I’m probably not the major teen audience in mind. Nevertheless, I’m the one writing here, so I’m going to go ahead and say what they are anyway. Firstly, the adults’ vs teens theme is majorly overplayed in media in my opinion. Secondly, the major settings, aside from the space station, neither feel very futuristic nor post-apocalyptic. It doesn’t feel very authentic. Lastly, the major conflict group, the Grounders, feel far too similar to the 100 to be reasonable. Both groups of kids look and sound like they walked off the streets of LA, albeit with a few “dirt marks” strategically placed on their foreheads at times.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, The 100 Season 1 set has some nice special features and some good behind the scenes making ofs, so if you enjoy those and you enjoyed the show, it’s a decent set. I’m yet unconvinced as to whether it’s a decent show.

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