Age Restriction:
Studio: Nickelodeon
Running Time: 168 mins

Verdict: A / 5

Show me a person that does not love the Nickolodeon Ninja Turtles and I will show you a liar. Ever since its launch last year this show has been a major success. It was so successful that it was renewed for another two seasons during the airing of its very first season. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enter the Shredder DVD is a collection featuring 7 of the episodes that season 1 has to offer.

Now this DVD does not work like a music CD which often has two songs you like and the rest are sort of bubbling under. Each episode is entertaining and gives each turtle an episode to shine. A few of the episodes even show how the group is put to the test as they learn the importance of teamwork, empathy and mercy. Funny enough even though, the DVD is titled “Enter the Shredder” but only about half of the episodes deal with Oroku Saki and his gang.

“The Gauntlet” episode is a firm favourite out of the bunch, as it is the first time the turtles go head to head with Shredder. After defeating all of their previous opponents the turtles feel rather untouchable. The beauty of “The Gauntlet” is that Shredder puts them in their place, proving that defeating him will be their ultimate test. The animated CGI action scenes are impressive and flow so naturally, but it is in this episode that they are turned up a notch. The whole concept of giving them a foe that is truly powerful is great. This means that the turtles will have to train harder and that Shredder will always be lurking in the shadows season after season.

As mentioned above, the combat sequences are well choreographed and they feel natural. During each fight the movements of the fight scenes are smooth and well balanced. Weapons combat is presented well and it is clear to see that the design team has taken the time to understand how each weapon works when being used to fight. The stances and techniques used in armed and unarmed combat were definitely researched and thought out. The turtles also move like ninja, so expect some awesome Parkour tricks as they scale the rooftops in order to stay out of sight. Their free running is great, but can someone please explain why ninjas always run with their arms at a 90 degree angle pointing backwards?

Whilst great story writing, amazing action scenes and juvenile jokes that will leave you in stitches are in abundance, sadly DVD extras are not. There is only one DVD extra title; “Extended Mutation Scene”, which basically takes the “New Girl in Town” episode and shows us the episodes evolution from hand drawn story board to rough CGI and then to final product. With some samples actually running simultaneously, it is quite amazing to see the amount of effort put into creating one of our favourite 20 min episodes. So even though you only get one extra, viewing it is still a rewarding experience. It is a lot better than being given a few trailers and stills. A Blu-ray complete season is definitely on the cards, so if you are looking for extras that is where you will find them!

This DVD is essential for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan. It can provide entertainment for people of all ages and each story offers a moral from Master Splinter, morals that people young and old can actually benefit from in their daily lives. So whilst being a fun filled action packed adventure Enter the Shredder is also educational. Parents be prepared to use your kids an excuse to watch this amazing show!

The episodes are:

Monkey Brains
Never Say Xever
The Gauntlet
Panic in the Sewers
Mousers Attack!
It Came From The Depths
New Girl in Town
Special Features are:
Animated Comic Books:
“Tales From The Lair, Part One”
“Tales From The Lair, Part Two”
The Mutation Scene

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