Age Restriction:
Running Time: 24 mins per episode

Verdict: 4 / 5

Into Dimension X” is the final volume of the second season of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. It draws the season to a close in one of the most epic and intense events in Ninja Turtle television history. Watch as the gang has to take on both Shredder and the Krang in order to protect New York City. Alliance and honour is put to the test as The Turtles deal with enemies from their worst nightmares.


This DVD contains 7 action packed episodes with a total running time of 153 minutes. The first episode deals with two new characters as they attempt to steal the Kuro Kabuto aka Shredder’s Helmet. While attempting to save Karai, The Turtles get mixed up in the hunt for the Kuro Kabuto. Pay close attention to the new characters introduced in this episode as they bear some resemblances to one of Shredder’s most deadly tag teams.

The second episode is known as Plan 10. This episode deals with one of the Krang’s latest invention – a mind-swapping machine, which activates during a scuffle with The Ninja Turtles. As a result, one of the brother’s is turned into one of their most hated enemies… a Krang! This episode is an entertaining one which has its cliché moments but it is a great episode nevertheless.

The third episode is Vengeance Is Mine. It is do or die for The Turtles as they may never get another chance to save Karai and this leads to Leonardo taking it upon himself. Leo disobeys his master as he attempts to free Karai of Shredder. His decision has grave consequences for their family and Leo is about to find out the hard way.


A Chinatown Ghost Story is the title of the fourth episode. It pays tribute to the body snatchers as the one of The Turtles most loved foods become an enemy unlike any that they have ever encountered before. New York is not safe and neither is April as she is kidnapped by an evil force that seeks her power. The damsel is in distress. Donnie and Casey do not need a second invitation in order to prove who the man is.

Into Dimension X is not only the title of this DVD but it is in actual fact the title of the fifth episode on this disc. The Turtles find out that their ally Leatherhead has been taken into dimension X by the Krang, without hesitation the brothers decide to rush to the rescue of their friend as they take a trip into the home of the Krang…Dimension X. All is not as it seems in Dimension X, especially when it comes to leadership amongst the Turtles.


The final two episodes are Invasion Part 1 and Part 2, Shredder decides that the enemy of his enemy is his friend as he makes an alliance with the Krang. They will work together in order to stop Splinter and all his allies. But his is not all as the Krang desire much more; they want to destroy New York City as Krang supreme makes his debut. Nobody is safe from the Krang, not even the Shredder. The Krang are invading and their might not be a way to stop them.

This DVD boast no extras and the soundtrack and subtitles are limited to English only. We can only hope that a high definition Blu-ray version of this DVD gets produced, as animation of this quality deserves the video quality to match it.

This is an enjoyable DVD that draws the second season to an end. A few extras would have been great. However, the lack thereof is not exactly the end of the world. This DVD has it all: jokes, horror, science fiction…you name it.

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