Stranger Things Season 2 Review
Studio: Netflix
Running Time: 55 minutes each (approx.) – 9 episodes

Verdict: 4 / 5

Like many people, I loved the first season of Stranger Things. And, as with all sequels, as much as you want another season, it can be a hit or a miss. Thankfully, Stranger Things Season 2 is everything we wanted and more.

Stranger Things Season 2

The town of Hawkins has quieted down (mostly) and our favourite kids are getting geared up for Halloween. Their Ghostbusters costumes bring back the nostalgic feeling that had us hooked in the first instalment. Mike misses Eleven and constantly attempts to contact her with no success. Sheriff Hopper has been hiding someone. Joyce is dating Bob (Sam from Lord Of The Rings). Nancy and Jonathan are still working through their feelings, although she’s still dating Steve. Then there’s the new kid, Max, and her unreasonably aggressive brother, Billy. However, most of the show is focused on Will, who has been acting strange since returning from the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 2 shows the development of certain characters and attempts to answer unanswered questions viewers had about Season 1. Eleven is no longer a mostly mute character. She has grown a personality, which so effortlessly depicts the conflict she should be feeling. She struggles with her identity, her childhood crush and anger at what was done to her in the past. The show switches between independent storylines for each main character, ranging from Lucas’ crush on Max, Nancy mourning Barb and Joyce ‘s relationship. However, nothing quite measures up to the unlikely friendship between Dustin and Steve Harrington.

Stranger Things Season 2 Review

Please Note: Minor spoilers follow…

Most viewers will barely remember Steve from Season 1, other than being disappointed that Nancy had chosen him over Jonathan. However, here Steve is slowly reintroduced as a more mature teen who ensures drunk Nancy is taken home safely after she breaks his heart. He even comes to Dustin’s aid and assists him in hunting down his Pollywog.

Although Dustin and Steve seem rather different, both suffer heartbreak in Season 2. The odd pair ended up complimenting each other. Dustin is sharp and Steve is smooth with the ladies. The unplanned friendship makes sense.

Dustin Steve Stranger Things Season 2

Our new hero, Steve, not only ends up beating Demo-dogs and savings the kids, but he takes a massive beating from creepy Billy and supposedly worries more about the children than their parents do. (How do these parents never know where their children are?)

Partnered with his lucky nail-baseball bat, Steve and his fantastic hair end up being the babysitter we didn’t know our young heroes needed. Now that we have seen it, we want more. We need more. Think about it, what healthy friendship isn’t based on killing Demo-dogs and sharing hair tips? Bring on the action, humour and terrifying moments, Stranger Things Season 2 is perfect for binging.

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