Le Mans: Racing is Everything Review – The Experience is Palpable

Verdict: 3 / 5

Amazon Prime Original Series is charging ahead at full steam with an ever-growing list of great series, which also features Jean Claude Van Johnson. On the 9th June 2017, the company released six episodes of Le Mans: Racing is Everything on Amazon Prime Video, which features unprecedented access to six teams competing for glory at the world’s oldest endurance car race.

Note: This review is based on the first three episodes of the six for the series.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything features the likes of former Formula 1 driver, Mark Webber, three-time Le Mans champion, André Lotterer, and Jann Mardenborough, who Nissan scouted from his sofa through a video game contest. In addition to a number of drivers appearing in the series, it also includes some behind-the-scenes coverage from three of the LMP1 competitors in Nissan, Porsche and Audi, who won 13 titles between 2000 and 2014.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything Review – The Experience is Palpable

The series takes place in the months leading up to the 2015 edition of the 24-hour race, as it takes you on a rollercoaster ride in preparation for the big day, and achieving fever pitch during the actual event. For many of those who’ve already watched the proceedings from 2015, the series provides a great view into the inner workings of the different teams and how each event triggers a number of emotions, technical decisions, and race strategies, most of which you’ll never have insight into during the live proceedings. For those who haven’t watched the race, or don’t remember much, it plays out quite nicely in more dramatic fashion as you’re left in suspense with every scene change and episode cliff-hangers, as would any good series or movie.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything Review – The Experience is Palpable

While the majority of the screen time provides commentary from a few of the races, team heads and engineers, what the series does well is provide a history lesson and coverage of the early days of Le Mans. This not only provides a great sense of the prestige of the race, it no doubt captures the dangers that lie in wait around every corner. This was especially so in the early days when the race was first competed on public roads, often time with cyclists out on a Sunday cycle around the scenic surroundings. Many drivers have lost their lives to the race, in addition to many spectators as well over the years. It becomes increasingly ominous as drivers battle fatigue through the late night hours into the next morning.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything provides great coverage of the 2015 race and events preceding it, and really delivers on showcasing the race, the talent and composure required to come out on top or simply to cross the finish line on the other end of a gruelling 24-hour race. As an avid racing fan, I would recommend the series to other race car enthusiasts, although it may not be as appealing to viewers who don’t often follow the world of motorsports.

“The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a race like no other and the most elite endurance motorsport race in the world. Taking place in France each year, it is an endurance test for drivers and cars that take a full day to complete. With unprecedented access to six of the best-in-class teams, high-tech cars, and professional drivers, this mini-series travels to team shops and test tracks around the globe to look at preparations in the run-up to the 2015 event. It then covers the highs and lows of the race to provide and in-depth look at those who put it all on the line for glory in what’s known as ‘the Mount Everest of motorsports.'”

Le Mans: Racing is Everything Review – The Experience is Palpable

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