Age Restriction:
Studio: NBC/Universal Television
Running Time: 546 mins (13 episodes)

Verdict: 2 / 5

In Heroes Reborn, the world has moved on since the events of the original series ended.

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The world is now aware of the existence of people with superpowers – now dubbed Evos – and the world hates and fears them. Yet some are keen to spread the ideals of unity and prove that they have a place in society. But when a peaceful gathering of Evos and regular people is bombed by terrorists – apparently Evos – society clamps down on those with powers and forces them into hiding.

A year later, the authorities try to track down Evos and either kill them or force them to register their identities. However, there are bigger problems facing the planet. A solar storm is about to happen, and when it does it’ll wipe out all life on Earth. Not that anyone knows or cares. Thankfully, a prophecy has been foretold that two Evos will rise and prevent this disaster from happening.

Actually, not everyone’s ignorant of what’s happening. Erica Kravid, head of the multinational powerhouse corporation Renautas, knows and she has her own plan. Instead of putting faith in the Evos, she’s trying to steal their powers and transport a small pocket of humanity to the far distant future, where they can rebuild the human race from scratch once the solar storm has passed. But when Noah Bennett – the Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man anti-hero of the original show – tries to regain his lost memories, it falls to him to unravel the mystery of humanity’s imminent fate.


Of course, he isn’t alone. There are plenty of people with powers out there, good, bad and neutral. For some, their quest is to unite the two Evos for the good of the world. For others it’s to rescue those they love, or to put a stop to Erica Kravid’s plan… assuming that she’s the villain. As the truth is slowly revealed, time is running out to save the world…

After 13 episodes and the most ill-timed mid-season break in history, the end result isn’t pretty. The pacing is too slow and the characters are almost entirely unlikable. Worse, the story is a mess of ideas which are either never explained, never resolved, or just fall apart the minute you stop to think about them.

Since a large part of the second half of the season heavily involves time travel, you’d think the writers would go out of their way to avoid paradoxes – or stepping on butterflies, as Hiro Nakamura puts it. They even make a big deal of him pointing that out. Instead, by the end of the series they’ve created so many paradoxes that it’s a wonder that the whole space-time continuum doesn’t implode.

The rest of the writing is equally weak. Plots and sub-plots go nowhere, while the end of all life on Earth is treated in such a dull way that you’d think the solar storm is no more menacing than a Sunday afternoon picnic. There’s no mass panic at all, and the worst they show is a traffic jam.


Perhaps if the characters had been better it would have been more interesting, but they aren’t. Erica Kravid is dull and one-dimensional. Crime-fighting low-budget Iron Man wannabe vigilante El Vengador has a story arc which doesn’t affect the story at all. The solar-powered hero Luke Collins seems to be in it just to make up the numbers. Kravid’s daughter initially seems to be important but then just disappears for no reason at the end.

And then there’s Quentin.

The less said about this bumbling figure the better. It doesn’t matter if he’s the ineffectual good guy helping Noah Bennett, the ineffectual bad guy henchman for Erica Kravid, or the ineffectual brother trying to save his kidnapped/brainwashed/insane sister. The point is, he’s useless. And yet for some bizarre reason, the creators of this show seem to assume he can fill the role of Mohinder Suresh from the original show. He can’t.

This is a bad show. It isn’t quite as bad as Powers, and it isn’t quite as boring as the Fant4stic movie, but it’s close. Even if you have fond memories of the original series, it’s better to avoid it.

The promo tag-line for this show was “Where have all the heroes gone?” Wherever they are, they certainly aren’t in this show.

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  1. I was enjoying the El Vengador bits in the beginning of the series and then…they forgot about his character…you do not see the suit and everything else just all ties up too easily and become stupid…I still have a few more episodes to go but it all just feels played out already…so the question is; do I bother finishing it off?

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