Flash Fast Enough
Studio: Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
Running Time: 43 mins

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

“Space,” Douglas Adams wrote, “Is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the street to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

Cisco would appreciate that. His so long and thanks for all the fish statemement proved it. He’s a geek and a Douglas Adams fan, and proud of it.


Something else that he probably loved was the TV show Lost. Remember that show, and its finale? Lots of people still say that while the ending didn’t make sense, it was a touching finish to the show and it made people cry. I can understand that, but no matter what the ending DIDN’T. MAKE. SENSE!

That’s the price you pay when you try to cover up a relatively weak story with lots of sappy moments.

A quick scan on the internet and you’ll find lots of people saying that this episode is easily the best of the season, and that many touching scenes made them cry. The characters cried a lot too. Again, I can understand why they cried. I didn’t, but I can get why they did. But was this episode the best of the season?

Yes. It was.

But there were still flaws, even if most people were crying too hard to see them.

Barry Allen is faced with a tough choice: does he risk everything and go back in time to save his mother, or does he do nothing and continue living his life with regret? There were many emotional moments as everyone voiced their opinions. While nobody said, “This plan was suggested by your arch-enemy. Don’t you think that’s suspicious?”, they should have.

You’d have thought Barry would have learned his lesson from just a day or two before, when he teamed with his enemy Captain Cold and promptly wound up destroying police evidence, got betrayed and indirectly caused the death of everyone on a transport plane.


But he didn’t, and he went back in time despite the fact that he knew it could have destroyed the whole planet. Isn’t that a bit selfish? And naturally this created a singularity which could have destroyed the Earth.

BUT! It was still the best episode of the season.

Seeing Professor Martin Stein in action was a joy. Eddie’s self-sacrifice to prevent Eobard Thawne from existing was obvious but smart. Cisco being teased as Vibe was nice. Seeing glimpses of the future, with Caitlin beoming Killer Frost, The Flash Museum and the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was good. But seeing Jay Garrick’s helmet coming out of the speed force… that was something mind-blowing.

If there’s one character I’ve really wanted to see them bring in, it’s Jay. He was the first Flash (although technically not the first speedster) and I’d really hoped that they’d have him pop in and explain what things were like for the old forgotten heroes. Even a glimpse of Barry reading some old Flash comics would have been good.

In the episode with Mark Hamill as the Trickster, we were told that there were costumed characters running around long before the particle accelerator exploded. There were probably costumed heroes too, although like the Nightshade in the original series it seems like everyone’s forgotten about them for some reason. If ever there was a time to introduce Central City’s “twin” town of Keystone City and Jay Garrick in a great storyline, early in season 2 would be the time.

Heck, it would be nice seeing the classic JSA in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow too, possibly seeing Jay getting trapped in the speed force until his Flash episode release.


But back to this episode…

How about that wedding? Sweet or what? Also, it was completely pointless since the plan was for Barry to change the timeline. Another pointless thing was the idea of sending Eobard Thawne back to his own time. Couldn’t he just return again? And wait, they built him a time machine? They’re giving a time machine to a dangerous psychopathic killer, and just trusting him to go back to where he came from?

What about Eddie’s sacrifice? Couldn’t he have simply gone for a vasectomy? I know it may seem less heroic, but…

Still, it was the best episode of the season. It isn’t as perfect as everyone’s pretending, but there’s a lot of hope. The cliffhanger was so good that I’ll be watching it again next season, I’m sure of it. I really hope they sort out some of the problems with it though.


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