IE Turns 18

IE Turns 18

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The team over at Microsoft celebrated the 18th birthday of Internet Explorer this past weekend (16th August to be exact). Launched as part of the Windows 95 suite, IE has seen many, many ups and (mostly) downs since then. IE has seen reduced usage and market share across the world, while it is still the leading browser in Southern Africa (including South Africa), China and Greenland. IE 3 significantly changed the landscape for browsers as its increased market share signalled the downfall of major players at the time such as Netscape. IE 6, however, remains one of the most hated Web browsers of all time. Here’s an interesting and humorous graph on IE in relation to murder rates in the US:


And a trip down memory lane for good measure:

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  1. LinuxMage

    Back in the day—I preferred Netscape Navigator to IE. I recall at one point even Navigator had built in malware protection then one day–it was gone….In my opinion the I think the biggest reason IE has become so hated is due to security exploits which were(are?) rife in the browser and let malware through despite AV and Anti malware programs. In my case it’s moot. Once I converted to Linux–IE became a memory. That said…Happy Birthday IE may you have at least one moment of not being hacked… ;-)

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