The Last of Us Trailer and Gameplay Demo

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Another fresh title unveiled at E3 is a Naughty Dog development, The Last of Us. In a post-apocalyptic world, you must fight for survival in this 3rd person action-adventure. The main characters are Ellie and Joel, who are played by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, respectively. Earlier versions of this game saw Ellie closely resembling Ellen Page, but this has been changed over time (not too much), most likely due to the actual actress being cast in Beyond: Two Souls. Be that as it may, this 14-year old girl is seemingly wise beyond her years, which is important if you’re to stay alive for long. Although she is too young to have seen what Pittsburgh once was, her trusted protector, Joel, explains all to her in what seems to be fairy tales, and not fact.

The Last of Us Zombie

Very similar to the movie I Am Legend, you are faced with a number of humans infected by a virus, which have left them in a zombie-like state. The gameplay involves both killing (fending off humans infected by virus) and scavenging to stay alive. Although Ellie plays an important role in the game, you will only control Joel, while AI assists with the controls for Ellie. In the cutthroat world they find themselves in, they cannot trust anyone; not even those uninfected. Visit the official website ( for more details.

As with Beyong: Two Souls, this is part of my top 3 games released this week at E3. The last of the 3 is Watch Dogs.

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Truck Ambush

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Gameplay Demo

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  1. Jarrod

    This looks incredible. It’s amazing how closely games and movies are now linked. In fact, most games have better stories than movies do these days. I wouldn’t mind watching this at the cinema.

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