Batman Animated Series: Tim Drake Robin Figure Review

Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 7 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 9 / 10

Paint: 8 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

This line of action figures are really great. DC has given Bat-Fans a great sense of nostalgia. The arrival of the second Robin, Tim Drake, was a great addition to the New Adventures of Batman and Robin. He had a great story and it all started with a Batarang. The good news is that this Tim Drake Robin figure comes with that special accessory.

Batman Animated Series: Tim Drake Robin Figure Review

The sculpt on this figure is true to the character, so expect the figure to be amongst the smaller characters in this set in terms of scale. The proportions are precise so prepare for a smaller sculpt that is packed with detail. He has his signature hairstyle which is pulled off quite well despite his cartoony face. His Domino mask is far bigger than the previous Robin’s or Nightwing’s mask, this allows him to have bigger eyes which almost emphasise that he is still a kid as it adds to his youthful appearance. The skin tone on the face is good but some darker panelling at the mouth could have made his mouth a little more visible. He is wearing his signature short cape which DC Collectibles has pulled off quite well.

It has his signature yellow on the inside of the cape and the outside of the cape is black. Tim drake also has his short sleeve outfit which is pulled off quite impressively; the sleeves are painted to the arm but then you have the gloves with the high cuffs which make sure that there is a strong contrast in his flesh colour and his costume colour. His chest has a little bit of detail as his logo and buckle like buttons are actually sculpted onto the figure. It is great that DC has not taken the cheap route and just painted these on like the job being done on their contemporary animated film figures (painted on pockets and satchels are rather disappointing). He has his signature yellow belt which matches the yellow paint used on the rest of the figure. Then he has his black and red tights with his shortened boots. In some areas the paint has either crossed the colour break, this is apparent in his black underpants which are painted onto the red tights. But overall the figure looks great and does the character justice.

Batman Animated Series: Tim Drake Robin Figure Review

In terms of articulation, his head is on a ball joint but because of his head sculpt there is very little up and down movement. The head moves side to side with ease but because of the limited up and down movement, it is unable to pivot as well. The shoulder joints are rather limited so they will rise out slightly but not much. They are able to rotate however the cape does get in the way. He has a single joint at the elbow that is able to swivel as well but the joint is a little untidy. Depending on how you pose him you might see a sharp piece of the joint protruding from the elbow and this makes him look like he suffers from tennis elbow. His wrists can swivel and hinge as well. There is no ab-crunch but he is able to swivel at the waist. He has the T-joint at the hips which allow him to do some crazy acrobatic splits; he is able to kick forward and his kick backwards is rather limited. He has single joints at the knees, swivels at the boot cuffs and fully articulated ankles which can pivot quite nicely.

This Robin has quite a few extras. He has the signature display stand which comes with the figures in this series. He has quite a few extra hands as well, some open palm hands and a hand holding a grappling gun has been included. He also has a separate grappling gun which cannot really be held as the sculpt to hold a grappling gun is a rather specialised one. As mentioned earlier, he also comes with the Batarang that started it all for young Tim Drake.

Batman Animated Series: Tim Drake Robin Figure Review

The packaging is identical to the others in this series. It has a normal Blister card box with a silhouette of the series logo. It also comes with a printed chart of the other characters that are available in the series.

This is a cool figure despite being only 4.5 inches tall. It may be dwarfed by the other figures in the series but it does a perfect job in terms of being true to the character and his sculpt. It may not be as cool as the Dick Grayson Robin action figure, but he is definitely unique in his own right.

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