The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Comic Figure Review

Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 7 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 8 / 10

Paint: 8.5 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

Finally, the comic version of The Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes has hit our shores. Unlike his television counterpart, the comic Carl Grimes has seen the harsh realities of life and this figure captures exactly that. This is a McFarlane figure so it is a bit smaller in size, but it packs a punch.

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Comic Figure Review

The figure is part of the fourth comic book series. Carl is a firm favorite in this line as he boasts many extras.

The sculpt has Carl wearing his signature hat which has taken a bit of wear and tear, he has a dark green turtleneck top that is mostly covered by his dark brown leather jacket. There is a bit of denim peeking out of the bottom of his jacket. For the most part, the sculpt and paint on the figure is rather impressive but then you look at his hands and realise just how small they are in comparison to the hands used on another other Walking Dead figure. And this causes a major problem in the accessories department.

This figure comes with three head sculpts, each boasting a different face, but the Cowboy does fit all. The figure comes with the bandaged face – this is after Carl lost his eye in an unfortunate incident. You are also given the unbandaged face which shows the graphic nature of Carl’s injury. You get a dark pulpy paint job which highlights the fact that he has lost an eye. You are also given the regular face without injury which might be a bit more family friendly when on display. The height on this figure is decent, this product line uses smaller scales when creating figures, so bearing in mind that they are trying to keep it as true to the comic as possible; Carl is smaller than the other figures in the series. This is most likely the root of the “Small Hands” problem. For most part, the sculpt is detailed well and the paint looks gritty and grimy as it should.

McFarlane Toys

Accessories are exactly where the problems lie. He has a cool hat, three cool head sculpts but because of the small hands he is unable to hold his weapons properly. The hand gun is far too big for his hands, giving him a rather clumsy look when he is holding it. The same applies for his machine gun. He is unable to hold his M16 properly as well and you are left to doing the comic cover pose and that is it. If he had the same sized hands as the TV Figure line, it would all be fine and we could have Carl striking some great action poses.

He has great articulation at the head. He is able to move and pivot his head with ease. As a result of his jacket; his shoulders are able to move out to the side slightly; it can move forward and back with ease. He has great articulation at the elbow and  a wrist that is on a hinge and can swivel.  The waist can barely swivel thanks to the jacket. This results in the legs not being able to kick forward and backwards much. He has great articulation at the knees and his ankles can swivel and pivot a little as well which is great!

The packing is the standard slim blister card packaging used by McFarlane. This works well and displays all of the accessories with ease so you can keep it in the box if you would like to. The back of the box shows the other products in the line. Boy, that pin cushion zombie looks nasty!

McFarlane Toys walking dead figure

All in all, this is a great looking Carl Grimes, definitely the favorite thus far. However, you will be needing to find this guy some weapons at a smaller scale as they simply look ridiculous in his tiny hands.  It honestly looks as though he needs to use both hands in order to fire a handgun! A big thank you goes to Critters and Comics for pulling the stops in order to get this series on to our shores. For this, the other figures in this series and so much more, visit today!

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