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Robocop has been rebooted and his new look receives a new line of action figures as well! The minute I left the cinema my mission began and after contacting the manufacturer directly I was pleased to find out that Prima Toys were already distributing Robocop merchandise nationwide.

For this review I have decided to take the tactical approach and review the Robocop 3.0 six inch action figure with light up action. The sculpting on this guy is movie accurate; the suit has its panelling and textures on point. It even features the Omnicorp logo sculpted into the right pectoral of the chest plate. The helmet looks true to the film counterpart and the light up visor works wonderfully; it covers the full extent of the visor quite well. There is just one major problem; the sculpt features a very soft lip line one that has been rendered non existent, thanks to the paint applications. So yes, your Robocop looks as if he were some sort of Power Ranger from the original series. No mine was not defective, I made sure I checked each model in the store and all had been rendered mute. Another thing that steals from the sculpting are the wholes with screws in it, this finish takes a good sculpt and makes it look cheaper, whilst stealing from the flow of the suits textured look. The copyright on his rear also breaks the feel of the suit. Could it not have been placed on his inner leg like his “Made in China” stamp or underneath his foot? The plastic used to make this sculpt feels very light and less durable than desired as well, but for the low price tag I can look past the plastic issue.

In terms of paint applications, Jada Toys have done a decent job here. You get two different looking black paints covering the majority of the figure; the gloss finish just adds that extra bit of flair to the helmet, upper back, forearms and shins. I will definitely be adding more gloss when I repaint parts of this figure. The chest features two painted lights surrounding the button that needs to be pressed for the light up action. The final crucial paint application is the flesh tone on the human parts of our cyborg protagonist. The flesh tone translates quite well and looks realistic enough. Once again, the major flaw here is that no lips have been painted on for a mouth and the soft lip line does not help this lack of facial detail either. Also, had his police badge been painted on it would have once again added that little flair that is missing from the figure.

In terms of articulation, this figure is not the most articulate out there, but for its price you should not expect over 20 points of articulation. This figure has nine points of articulation on offer: a head that can turn left and right at the bottom of his neck, ball point shoulders (that are limited thanks to his shoulder padding), a hinge elbow joint that is able to swivel side to side at the bottom of his bicep, ball jointed hips, and lastly the figure has a pair of hinged/pivot knees (that are able to move side to side at the bottom of the thigh thanks to the use of a swivel below the thighs). This figure features no abdominal articulation and for a weapon wielder it also lacks wrist articulation. This accompanied by the limited range of motion in the joints make those epic tactical poses darn near impossible to pull off. But it is worth remembering that some articulation has been sacrificed in order to allow this figure to utilize a light up ability.

This Robocop is equipped with two rather impressive looking accessories. He has his signature taser gun, which is detailed terrifically. The paint applications on this weapon are stunning and the sculpt remains true to its film counterpart whilst paying homage to the classic gun of the original Robocop. The assault rifle is the less detailed of the two accessories; it is black and silver with tiny OCP logos on the sides of the magazine. Both the paint applications and finishes are perfect on these accessories making them worthwhile add in.

This figure can be found in blister card packaging that utilises that classic Robocop font and feel. The packaging has also been die-cut in order to allow access for the “Try Me” action. The back of the card features a brief biography and product description. It also features a great picture of Robocop 1.0 the other figure in this series. I ended up purchasing Robocop 1.0 as well, as he is the perfect mix of retro and contemporary Robocop. Robocop 1.0 features an awesome sculpt that is complemented by superior paint applications. Although Robocop 1.0 suffers from even less range of motion in its articulation due to the sculpt design. However, it is definitely the better figure from the six inch range. His mouth is more visible too! The packaging goes on to show the other products in this reboot’s retail range, such as: the four inch scale figures which are fully articulated and highly detailed for a figure of that size! There is also the Police Cruiser with Robocop 3.0 that features a pull back and missile firing action. Then there is the big boy, the twelve inch talking Robocop 3.0. Although he only features 5 points of articulation, this 12 inch figure is a steal for the price tag. It has two weapon accessories and is able to light its visor up whilst saying 1 of 10 different movie phrases. All that for under R300? I have the right to remain silent, now take my money! These products as well as role-play products can all be found in the Prima supplied pictures below.

For the low price tag this Robocop 6” figure is definitely worth the money. Sure, it has its gripes but overall it is a decent figure and both figures in this 6 inch range posed side by side would look stunning! So if the movie wins you over and you feel the itch to grab some memorabilia, these figures will definitely satisfy you without setting you back or costing you an arm and a leg (as in Alex Murphy’s case). These figures can be found at various retailers as Prima has stocked stores nationwide!

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