This Nightwing action figure brings the character to life. We review the DC Collectables' New Adventures of Batman and Robin figure.

Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 7 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 8.5 / 10

After parting ways with Bruce in the Batman Animated series, Dick Grayson forged his own identity as the hero known as Nightwing. This version of Nightwing has always been a fan favourite and that is largely due to his infamous hairdo – the mullet. DC Collectables have done a great job with this simple, yet sophisticated, costume design. This Nightwing action figure brings the character to life.

New Adventures of Batman and Robin: Nightwing Action Figure Review

It is extremely difficult to get this sculpt wrong. This Nightwing costume is basically a huge single colour onesie.

The head sculpt is excellent. He looks as if he has jumped off of the TV screen and into your home. This Nightwing action figure has a great looking face. His domino mask looks true to scale and his mouth has some nice panelling – it accentuates the sculpt. Then there is the infamous hairdo, which really looks great. Who would’ve thought that a mullet on an action figure would look this cool? Nightwing has his signature fringe tuft in the front and his mullet runs to the bottom of his neck – it’s a party at the back. His tail-end also has a little layering just for that added detail.

The rest of his costume is one plain black design without panelling and very few sculpting lines. However, his logo has been done quite well. Instead of simply painting it on, his insignia is a separate debossed sculpt which protrudes from the black layer of the leotard suit. It does the same on the back. This adds a little bit of extra punch to a costume that could have been lacklustre if it were done wrong. DC Collectibles has got this right and the blue paint used on the logo is perfect to boot.

His head is on a ball joint and it has a great range of movement despite the hairstyle. He can look side to side and up and down with ease. His head is able to pivot as well. His shoulders are also able to rotate and rise with ease. He has a single jointed elbow that is able to swivel and his wrists can hinge and swivel as well. He has a swivel at the waist.

The figure also has the new T-crotch joint that allows for acrobatic like poses. He is able to do a full split. He can also do a mean front kick. However, moving the leg backwards is a little limited. He has a single jointed knee. There is no swivel at the shin, unfortunately, but his ankles can swivel and hinge. So you can still get quite a bit of articulation.

New Adventures of Batman and Robin: Nightwing Action Figure Review

In terms of accessories, this Nightwing action figure has a wealth of them. He has his signature display base featuring his character sculpt. He also has 3 pairs of hands, which are sculpted in such a way that they are able to hold his throwing knife and his signature binoculars. You are definitely getting some bang for your buck here.

Like the rest of this line, the packaging is plain. It is a blister card with the cardboard backing (featuring the TV show logo). The back of the packaging is very plain and bears no information.

This is definitely one of my favourites in the line. Sure, he is a lot plainer and a tad shorter than the other figures that have been released, but this Nightwing action figure does a great job of bringing the character to life. This is a memorable Nightwing design, one that definitely deserves to be remembered and it will be, thanks to this excellent action figure. For this and more comic goodness, visit today!

New Adventures of Batman and Robin: Nightwing Action Figure Review

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